"So promise me you'll never forget...that you aren't an accident or an incident...you are a gift to the world, a divine work of art, signed by God. You were deliberately planned, specifically gifted, and lovingly positioned on this earth...Flooded by emotion, overcome by pride, the Starmaker turns to us, one by one, and says, 'You are my child. I love you dearly.'" Max Lucado, God Thinks You're Wonderful

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Random updates

So, things are going well here. Blake has been working like mad these last 5 days so that's been a bit hard to adjust to. We'd been so spoiled for a while now! He still doesn't have to leave until around 7, so that means we get to see him every morning and have breakfast together which NEVER happens at home! He's usually up and gone between 5 and 6 at home, so again...we are loving this!

The kids and I don't have a lot going on because I still don't know how to get around town. Parking is nuts here and you have to pay to park most everywhere. I got lost heading to church on Christmas Eve and had to call Blake for help. This was after I had been to church before, and had directions from Blake and it was only 5 minutes from our apartment. UGH! Let's just say Aspen folk aren't the friendliest people in traffic! So needless to say, I have struggled to get the kids out into town! No wonder we aren't seeing any celebrities!

The kids seem to be adjusting incredibly well. The boys are constantly playing with trains and are loving all of the new Christmas toys to play with! They can't get enough of the snow and climbing. They keep asking if we can ski again, but we haven't figured out how to make it happen since Blake works this next weekend and then starts his interviews the following weekend. Bugger!

My sweet, Owen that still hates being in front of the camera! Owen has had a cool week. Since he was about 2 we found that he was having allergic reactions to nuts and dogs. We've never had him tested because we're just country like that and our ped. said it wasn't necessary. But he encouraged us to avoid and then re-expose him after age 3 or 4. Owen is very good at asking about everything new he is offered and if it has nuts. He even asks me! So, this week we asked him if he wanted to taste a peanut and see if he was still allergic (yes, we had benedryl on hand!). He had no response to a tiny taste, so 30 or so minutes later we gave him more. NOTHING! A couple of days later we offered him pecans. Again, nothing! We know this seems silly and simple, but we are so excited as Cooper, Sadie and I LOVE peanut butter and always feel like he's left out! Praise the Lord! The kid can eat PB&J!!!

Cooper has been using the potty so well! He's been doing it a while now, but I felt like I might jinx it if I blogged about it! He still wears diapers at night, but is wearing undies all day everyday now! Woo-hoo! He is IN LOVE with Polar Express and knows about all of the lines. Luckily we got the book for Christmas (thank you Gigi and Papa) so I feel a little better about reading the story than watching the movie! He sings and dances to all of the songs and my dad made us a kids Christmas CD before we left for Aspen that he LOVES! Again, would rather us sing songs than watch the movie!

Sadie has picked up a new love for sweeping. It's hilarious. The boys never really did this, so it's so cute to me! She hates it when she gets it stuck in a corner and can't move though! She is still a bean pole! She can't wear jeans because she's so long and lanky. We own one pair of jeans for her that hang on her diaper and are too short! Must be a rough life! Just to give you an idea of how skinny she is, she is almost 16 months old and wears a size 2 diaper. Even the off brand size 2 (Luvs, Comfort), not the really good ones (Pampers, Huggies)!!! She still doesn't talk! She babbles a ton and speaks in grunts and big toothy smiles! Oh yeah, and she still only has 6 teeth!
Sweet girl showing her painted nails! Not really she was playing peek-a-boo!
This is what we do when the boys are climbing the mountain in the cold snow Keely Beth! We paint nails, do hair and snuggle on the couch! Love you sweet Keely!


Charissa said...

Love the beautiful pink fingernails against the beautiful brown skin. What a blessed mama you are!

Becki Francy said...

love the pics and the daily updates...crack up at sadies fingernails.....i need you to come do ragons!!!

She told me she missed cooper and that he had to go to the doctor....not sure what that was about....

Kristy said...

Aaron also has Polar Express memorized he can tell you the line before it happens I think he has watched it 500 times! What memories you all are making!

Angela Collins said...

YAY for no more nut allergy!!! How exciting! I'm hoping the same will be true of my Gracie and Emily someday. Miss Sadie is a DOLL! And, of course, I have a soft spot for the really tiny ones. :) Size 3 was the biggest diaper Emily ever wore...went straight from size 3 (at age 2 1/2) to big girl undies! And I totally *get* the "no jeans" issue. I'm so glad that leggings are in style 'cause they're a little snugger-fitting! Oh, and pants that have that adjustable waistband inside are a lifesaver! Thanks for the pics and updates, friend!