"So promise me you'll never forget...that you aren't an accident or an incident...you are a gift to the world, a divine work of art, signed by God. You were deliberately planned, specifically gifted, and lovingly positioned on this earth...Flooded by emotion, overcome by pride, the Starmaker turns to us, one by one, and says, 'You are my child. I love you dearly.'" Max Lucado, God Thinks You're Wonderful

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Emery's 1st Birthday Party

Shocker that we couldn't get the other 3 to join us for a pic...but this sure is sweet!!!

My mom took these pics with her camera and I love this one where you can see the amazement in her eyes as we sing "Happy Birthday" and she stares at the candle! Whoops...the wind blew the candle out!She loved the cupcake! It was so cute because she wanted me to feed it to her so that her hands didn't get messy.She kept burying her face in it. It was hilarious.
The kids love the pool. Emery lays back and just floats.

Look at her new bathing suit that Noonie and Papa got her for her birthday! Yummy!

Emery is the sweetest, happiest, easiest baby we have ever had! She is a hoot and is babbling non-stop with facial expressions and tone changes and all. It's a riot because she really is saying something to us...we just have no clue. And she could care less that we have no clue, she's just as happy as could be to chat it up with us. She loves most any food we put in front of her, except oatmeal. She is a pincher, so you've gotta watch out or she'll get a hold of the fat under your arm and just pinch ya HARD. She smiles non-stop, she's a great sleeper, can occassionally fake a tantrum by throwing herself on the floor and shaking her whole body. But she only does that when one of the bigs takes her toy. She is more than our dream...she's a miracle for so many.

We got to see her birthfather on her birthday and it was bliss. We met her paternal grandmother for the first time. I got some incredible pics...they make me teary everytime I see them. Her birthdad was so proud to show her off. I was on cloud 9. We gave him the dog tag necklace for Father's Day that said "Forever in My Heart" and another small tag with "Faith". He was so touched. I pray we can always stay close with him...he is amazing and has such a deep love for this pumpkin. How blessed we all are to have him in our family forever.

Emery Faith...just like with your big brothers and sister...I can't stop praising God for choosing us to be your parents. I pray that you always feel loved by all 4 of your parents and the enormous family you have. You are a miracle and we are reminded of that everytime we see that great big grin and are covered in your slobbery kisses. It's unreal to think that God loves us this much to give you to us. We don't deserve you and we'll spend our lives thanking Him for such a blessing as you. Happy birthday BabyCakes!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

BabyCakes Is ONE!!!

Her first popsicle! She loved it!

I simply cannot believe she is one! It's been a magical day, but I will have to share later. We've been packing like crazy and I swore I wouldn't spend Emme's birthday packing...but with her. SO, now it's go time!!! Closing is scheduled for tomorrow, but these things never happen on time anymore. Either way, we are outta here!

Monday, June 20, 2011

We are in moving gear!

My mom and grandma brought my dad's truck to get all our stuff for storage. How amazing are they? The kids had a blast in the bed of the truck. My uncle came up from Texas and brought his truck and trailer and loaded the rest of our stuff for storage. We have amazing family!!! After they left our house in the blazing heat, they headed to Tulsa to unload it all for us! No lie...at four o'clock in the afternoon. They love us that much!!!Look close and you can see Sadie's tears. She was crying because she didn't get to hold Emery. Please excuse the hair...we didn't do hair this day. I know tisk tisk.I went in to check on the girls...this is what I found... Emery has two top teeth that completely change her appearance. It's so stinking cute! And her personality is changing so much right now. She is a jabber box and is super silly. One more nut for our traveling circus! I would love to know what's going on in Emery's head!

This is blurry but I just love the way her feet are up there, toes curled. Mercy, I love their feet and the way they are peach on bottom. Can't quit nibblin on those piggies!

I think this was a little fast for BabyCakes!! Look at that face!

Again, I just laugh when I see all these cute pics they took of each other.

I am guessing Owen was chasing Sadie. I love her run and her expression!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


It's crazy to think this is us only 5 years ago. Sometimes it seems like forever, and then many times I think that had to be just yesterday. We've spent the last two nights at events for the end of the year for Blake's residency. I couldn't be more proud of Blake and the physician that he is. More than anything...I am proud of the choices he's made along the way to put us first. It doesn't happen much in his profession of constant competition that one decides life is not all about him. His life and the way he treats us and loves on us reminds us daily that his job is just that...a job. Blake, I cannot tell you how much that honors me as your wife and as the father of our children. Thank you will never be enough!

The 5 graduating residents all going in different directions. Crazy to think we might never see one another again!

Some of our dear friends Sarah and Tim. We'll miss you guys and good luck!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Great Wolf Lodge we HEART you!

We had so much fun at Great Wolf Lodge this past weekend with Blake's side of our family.
Savannah and Sadie are besties and it's so cute to watch them! Sadie got up the courage to go on the big slide and loved it!

Thank you Cooper for still putting up with my picture taking madness!

He was also kind enough to share his dipper from his Fun Dip when his baby sister screamed for it. Only.when.you're.the.fourth!!!

Aren't they little supermodels?

Savannah thinks Emery is her baby and wants to keep her forever. Wish we lived closer baby girl!

The boys howling like wolves as we were talking about what to do next!

Sadie was not as into the wave pool as the boys were. Thank goodness because it was cold!

Sadie preferred pools in which she didn't get drenched or even splashed!

So did BabyCakes. She loved the water!!! But she did NOT enjoy getting it in her face and hair.

Is she not the cutest little lovebug? And we only had one man stop and look around worried for where her parents had gone. HA! Right here dude, the two glowing white people in front of her. She belongs to us.

Sadie and Blake during storytime. I tell you what this place is SOOO fun! Its such a joy to see our kids in amazement. Who needs Disney when you've got GWL so close? (Disclaimer: I've never been to Disney)

Oh my! I ADORE this picture. Just something about that face and the way he's looking at me.

It's so wonderfully perfect how the boys have eachother and the girls have one another. Jackson is 10 months younger than Owen and almost 6 months older than Cooper. Savannah and Sadie are just 10 months apart.

She was so determined to walk in the water. She is getting fast too!

We had so much fun and made a ton of memories. One that Blake and I won't quickly forget was when we took all 4 to the hotel room for naps and WE fell asleep before them. We woke to all 4 playing and BabyCakes squealing because someone took her toy. WHOOPS. Best parenting moment ever! We were flat worn out! In case you are wondering, 4 kids is just perfect for us! Emery is our caboose and we've had more moments than we'd like to admit where we know we are complete as the Shockley 6!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

More More More

This is right before the parents leave! Emery was so excited in this picture. That's my 90 year old grandma Grandy that was a HUGE help during camp. How could you not have fun with these 3?

Look close, both Sadie and Cooper are smelling something nasty!

What a stud muffin

All the kids at the shark tank

Sadie thinks the salon smells!

Sister has a lil problem with booties. She feels the need to point it out!

This was after picking out kids up from camp...she's a little tired!

And this is what I did during camp....two of my dear friends live in Dallas. We went to nursing school together and were roomies. My precious MIL kept Emery while Blake worked and studied so that I could have some girl time!!!