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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Camp Noonie-Papa - Be warned PIC POST

It's that time of year again where our kids have the time of their lives at Camp Noonie-Papa with my parents. There is just no way I can do justice on here of the fun they had and the memories they made. Owen told me it would take him forever to tell me all about it! Mom and dad...THANK YOU!!! This is just a smidgen of the 800 pics my mom took! ENJOY
Drop off dinner. Yep, my mom even coordinates a cookout/swim party for us to drop our babies off!!!

The kids mostly swam and sang their Camp Noonie-Papa song chanting for us to leave!

Sadie got her first ever professional mani-pedi!

They were so excited for their parents to leave!

Look at that face!! They spent a morning with horses and cattle on a local ranch!

Cooper riding!
The older kids (6+ Owen just barely qualified) got to ride on the actual trail ride!

The boys went fishing while the girls got their nails done!!!

They did lots of crafts that they each got to take home! As well as coloring books!

They went to Incredible Pizza, a little like Chucky Cheese but more tolerable for adults!!

A trip to the zoo!

That's my mama, the camp director! She simply amazes me! And yes, she is riding the carousel!

lots and lots of swimming and snacks! There were 9 campers this year!!!

And of course a visit to the acquarium!!


mckenziegordon said...

I think this is the greatest idea EVER! What special times and special memories for everyone involved. So fun! Thanks for sharing!

Courtney said...

Norma Murphy rocks my face off! :) greatest idea ever and amazing memories to last a lifetime for ALL of the sweet grands

norma murphy said...

We had a blast!! Must say, Papa and Noonie had a LOT of help! My 90 year old mother was most amazing... and a blessing to the kids! They love having her with them! Ann Marie and Lauren were our Jr. Camp Counselors and worked themselves to death and loved every minute of it... So thankful we have camp with our grandones! DO love individual time but they so love being together it is heart warming to see... LOVE my grandkids!!! Noonie...

KiDS COR said...

I love it! Your parents are awesome!

Nate, Abbey, Noah and Blaire said...

That post was from me from my other blogger...sorry! Abbey

Lori Wohl said...

I love that your parents do this. Best idea ever!!! You have such amazing parents!! Glad you had some girl time too!