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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!

I am such a dork, but that's one of my favorite lines from "Annie"!

So, that's what I am feeling right now....


My heart is on fire for adoption.

I know, you could have never guessed. I am sure most of you tire of hearing me talk about it!

So, if that's you...take a quick look at my adorable kids and then tune out now! Maybe most of you do that anyway...but I am giving you permission now!

We've been talking for over a month now about trying to change the Oklahoma law about relinquishment. In doing this, we've realized how hard this really is going to be for a couple of stay-at-home moms who hardly get out!

But, we still have great hope and feel like we are gaining momentum.

If you haven't checked out our super cool blog please do so by clicking on the cute button on the right. If you become a follower we can track how many people are supporting this. That way we know if this might actually get enough attention to make it to a vote.
This last week has really brought me some more hope and direction. An adoption buddy of mine does fundraising for St. Jude and because of that has some fantastic contacts and asked us if we would like her to contact her peeps to see if we could get some TV interviews and radio interviews to spotlight our cause. How cool is that?

Please pray for these things and that God will open hearts and minds to adoption through this!

Here's another cool thing that happened! If you know me, you know that I don't read the paper or listen to the news. I rely entirely too much on my sweet in-laws to let me know if there's a tornado headed our way!

And yet again, my MIL called me yesterday excited about something in the newspaper. Get this guys...there is a state legislative adoption task force that is looking to add an adoptive parent and a birth parent to their task force! I am so excited and you better bet that I emailed these guys with my info.

I know most of you are gasping in fear because you know I know nothing of laws and politics. But, I know that my God is bigger than that and He will guide me through this should they ask me to help out. I also know that I don't have to be ready and able to serve on this task force...God will use my willing heart if it's His plan to do such.

So, please pray for this task force. They are looking to extend the life of the task force until the end of next year. This would be great because with our concerns about the current law, we are going to need more time to gain support. I fully realize there are TONS of adoptive parents in this area that are much more capable of doing this than I. But I also know that this has been on my heart and I need to at least offer my help and support to these politicians that are trying to protect and improve OK adoption.

**I realize these pictures are random pictures, but I just can't post without giving you something precious to look at! I know you're not really here to listen to my ramblings anyway!**


Lindsey G said...

You totally have my support...in Texas :0 Wish there was more that I could do...but are praying that this law gets changed.

And your sweet babies...as always...LOVE THEM!!!! They are just too precious!

I would like to see them in person before they turn 18!! Love ya girl and I am praying for this new adventure you are on. God will give you all the wisdom you need.

Kristy said...

Love IT! LOVE the excitement in your words. Aaron was looking at the pictures of the boys going look at Aaron! pretty funny

Ashley said...

Hey girl! I miss emailing with you...your enthusiasm is contagious!! I love your positive, exciting attitude and you really are an encouragement through this process!

oh and of course your kiddos are beyond precious and adorable too!! :-)

Anonymous said...

OH, my goodness!! I'm so pumped and will be praying for the task force and totally believe YOU are the right person for the job!! Just tell them to call me and I will give you a reference... (he he he...) Love, Mom

Keep adding the pics of our kids because it keeps us reading... They are awesome, even if I AM their grandmother...!!

Terra said...

Love the new pictures! I just want to reach in and kiss all their sweet cheeks! Happy for you too! You are the PERFECT person for it!

bsjones7 said...

Super cute pictures Molly! Yes that would be fine if you put my blog on your adoption site.

Lisa said...

You are totally the right person for the task force!!!!!!!! You continue to be on fire about adoption, and I am thankful for people like you. You represent so many families, and voices and I appreciate you for that. You are right we do serve an awesome God, and he will lead you through this journey. Keep us posted......

aimee said...

I'm so excited about what you are doing in Oklahoma and would love to help any way I can. I have met you before at a Deaconess Christmas event in 2007, and just found your blog. We have three children all through adoption, and are "on fire" for adoption as well!
I was wondering, would it be possible for us to join your trans-racial play group? I would love to have something like that for my kiddos.
Thanks again for all you are doing, and let me know if I can help!