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Monday, January 11, 2010

Gigi's Here!

Blake's mom came in to visit us on Thursday and it's been so wonderful having her here.
The kids have loved seeing her and playing. It's been so nice for me to have her to chat with. Blake left for his first interview on Friday morning, so its been a blessing having her here so we weren't alone this weekend.
Yesterday morning, the kids and I picked Blake up from the airport. We knew this would be our only chance to take the boys on the slopes while someone was able to keep Sadie for us...so we ditched church and left Sadie with Gigi and headed out.

I can't begin to describe the fun we had with Owen and Cooper. We tried not to set our expectations too high, after all, they are just 3 and 4 and have only been to ski school twice before (last month in Breckenridge). The weather could not have been more perfect and the boys were well rested and quite honestly bursting with energy. Here are some pictures and videos.
Blake and Owen on the lift in front of us. Blake has been able to ski buttermilk a lot and found this perfect bunny hill for the boys. Cooper getting off of the lift with Blake. I don't think he fell once getting off of the lift, he did really well!Cooper skiing down with Blake. I love how they look when they steer with their hands since they don't have poles.Just got off of the lift and ready to head down the slope. All day Cooper and Owen wanted to play on this hill. You climb up then slide down. Only problem was that the snow was so packed you could hardly get up without sliding down. Blake had to put Cooper on his back to get him to the top.
Cooper sliding down. Notice it is getting dark in these? The lifts had already closed, but the boys were having too much fun!
Cooper trying to climb up! Below is Cooper and I on the lift...I believe the only pic I got in!
Coop coming down with Blake. Sorry for talking over the camera. I was just so excited!
Owen skiing all by himself!!! I still can't believe he's doing it!!!

They both skied until after 4:00 only stopping for lunch (we skipped naps). The lifts closed at 3:30 and they both were devastated that we had to go. Cooper in fact was mad at us and refused to come off of the mountain.
Thanks Gigi for watching Sadie so we could have such special time with the boys! You are a blessing!


norma murphy said...

I'm so jealous!!! Tell Gigi "Hi" and thanks so much for being there!! Wow, Owen and Cooper-you are great skiiers!! I can't wait to go again but I'm sure by then you will be faster than me!! Love and miss you all!! Noonie

Becki Francy said...

OK - that is flat crazy that they ski that well! I love it! I love it that you ski that well, how did you not ski into something???

I miss you all so bad...still counting down the days!

Melodie said...

what a fun day for you all. but i am most impressed that you were able to ski and hold the video camera. good job molly!

Julie said...

Molly, this is making me want to come back to Aspen! :) I am so impressed you can video while you are skiing! There is no way I will ever be able to do that. Last year was my first time to ever ski, and I was scared to death! Ya'll enjoy your last weeks!

Jamila said...

What fun memories you are capturing! I'm glad you had a nice visitor. Praying for you guys always.

Betty said...

wow you have very talented boys and to be able to ski with no poles that is even more amazing .. you are having so much fun and maybe would like to some day attempt to ski ..8-) hehee.