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Monday, February 22, 2010


So this is something we never really do. We "tumble" at the science museum, but we just really don't take the kids to gymnastics often. My neice had her 3rd birthday party and not only had us to "nastics" but let Sadie use her leotard (is that what this is called?)

The boys loved it! Especially the foam pit! It was so good to see our Tulsa family if only for a short while.

I must say that Sadie looks so cute in this. Good thing she got my legs, huh? Just kidding, she got the legs I always dreamed of having!!!
She has some serious upper arm strength. Or maybe it's just that she's a string bean and not heavy!
For real? How blessed am I to get to stare at that face all day!?!?!

Papa working on bars with Owen.

She looks a bit concerned. I love her facial expressions. She's such a princess, I tell you what!


Kristy had some great questions about domestic agency adoption. She asked about some of the things I get asked all of the time: "So are you asking for a girl?"
Simple answer, nope! Our agency believes that just as when you carry a child, you can't choose sex, they do the same in adoption. You can put things like what ethnicity you are open to, or a child with drug/alcohol exposures, a child conceived in rape, etc.
It takes a lot of prayers to answer this sheet, but I have told many people that this sheet gives us the feel that we have some control over our adoption and our children when we really have none. When will we learn that?
Kristin, your comment was awesome and I can't say that I am perfect at waiting, but one thing that helps is to focus on something else. M sister and I during the last two adoptions have set our minds to training for runs/races. We don't really run, its more like scooting, but regardless we train for it and it's a wonderful distraction. I also try and remind myself each time I am down to pray for our birth mom and think of her situation. Reading adoption and parenting books is always a good distraction as well as catching up on albums and doing projects around the house. I also like getting our gift basket together for the hospital for the birth mom!!! Hope these ideas help. Pray, pray, pray!!! Chosen, our adoption ministry is going to form a "Waiting Families" small group that meets regularly! Isn't that a wonderful idea? You could search for one locally.


norma murphy said...

So thankful Ragon had her 3rd birthday so we could see the Shockleys! Know we are praying for #4! Awesome to say that!! Love, Noonie

Kristy said...

I love the leotard! She is just a doll of course the boys are so handsome! Thanks for answering ?s when we were waiting for the foster process I kept myself busy by garage saleing and refinishing cribs and baby stuff helped but when that was finished we bought a rental and I completely gutted it and redid it, you could say I had a lot of energy 4 years ago, where did it go??! Oh yah a paticulair love of my life 4 year old.

Kristin said...

Thanks so much, Molly, for answering. I have some big, exciting things going on at church right now that I am in charge of, so that has helped a bit. I do enjoy reading books and all the blogs about adoption. My husband has to have his morning coffee and I have to have my morning read to see what's going on in "blogworld". He laughs at me but it really is great to see what's going on in the lives of those whom God is using for His glory! Thanks for being so nice as to reply! Kristin

Melodie said...

love miss sadie in the leotard. and i love her little poofs. looks like she is all set for tumbling class.

Jamila said...

Oklahoma Gold has Kid's nights out once a month. We should plan a night where the boys & Keely go to that together. (Sister is too small) She was looking super sassy in that leotard. I need to bring you some of the ones Keely has outgrown.
I love reading about your next journey. How can I get Phillip to read your blog???

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Glenda said...

Hello, I love your blog:) I was wondering what you put in your gift basket for the birth mom?
Thanks Glenda