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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hair Growth

Lucky you...this is not the unwanted hair growth blog post.  I just got to thinking about how much has changed in our routine in the past year and I wanted to see the difference it's made.  If any...
This past week while detangling Sadie's hair I spotted a nice set of curls about 2 inches long in my hand...my heart sunk.  I just broke out in a sweat.  It takes so much to keep Sadie's hair growing and healthy.  And it just breaks my heart when we lose some.  So the next day I went out and purchased two swim caps, one Lycra and one the typical waterproof cap.  Put the Lycra on first to keep from pulling at her hair, and then the waterproof silicone one on top. 

So to encourage myself I decided to start looking through pics a year ago to see how Sadie's head was doing.  Sorry that some of these are great pics of Sadie herself, but they show growth in length and thickening of her hair.  Yahoo! 
 This was exactly a year ago!  These are double rope twists with beads.  I am guessing she has grown at least 4 inches in her hair. 
 Here is Emery a year ago!  Now her hair grows like crazy, and because of it...I don't get so nervous when I see shed hair...nor when I detangle.  We'll get there Sadie, one day!!! 
 Notice on these two, above and below, you can see Sadie's scalp through her teeny weeny afro.  Wow!

 This one too!  This was late March!  UNREAL!!!! 
 And this is where we are now!  I am just amazed.  Here is what we have changed:
  • She wears a sleep cap religiously when sleeping, napping and wrestling or tumbling.
  • Satin in car seat back
  • Apple Cider Vinegar in place of shampoo (we never really shampooed passed about age 18m)
  • Detangling-I am embarrassed to say I wasn't really even detangling.  Her hair just wasn't long enough or thick enough...or so I thought.  We love our Tangle Teezer (yes even more than the Denman!)
  • Coconut oil-I didn't know about coconut oil until last February people!!!  Wha?
  • Protective styling-I didn't realize how hard it was on the hair to daily maintain an afro or puffs
  • Homemade detangler as spritzer instead of just water to dampen
  • And this is the first year we will wear a swim cap! 
I think the only things I was doing right were adding moisture daily, attempting a sleep cap and no shampoo. 

 This one shows great growth because she can actually wear a twist out! 
 This is going back 2 years since it was Emme's coming home picture!!! 
 And here is a good pic for showing Emery's growth!  It was this time last year Sadie loving cut Emery's hair!  I will never forget the heart attack I had this day.  Yowzers! I can't even tell where her hair was cut now!


Melodie said...

you're doing a great job! both Sadie and Emery's hair look beautiful!

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