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Friday, August 29, 2008

Potty time and potty talk too!

Owen started showing interest in using the potty at about 18 months. He wasn't serious about it. But he would go back and forth and just couldn't decide what he wanted until he hit two.

Cooper has not shown the same interest. Every time he would watch Owen go potty, he was amazed. He liked to talk about the poop, inspect it and tell you what animal it looked like. He wanted to tell you if it was stinky or not. But, if you ever asked him if he wanted to try, he'd tell you pretty quickly with much drama, "NOOOO".

We are pretty big into letting our kids potty train themselves. Granted, we only have one in underoos, but still it worked like a charm with him. So, when Cooper says no, we don't push it.

The last couple of days, he's wanted to try.

I just love the look of those chubby baby legs wrapped so tightly around the pot as to assure their bum won't slide in. You can see in their eyes how proud they are to be sitting on it and watching their "parts" so intently!

Both of the guys love to have conversations while doing their duty. You can tell in Cooper's pic that he's got us going with a good story!

Just had to share. I am sure this will take us about 6 months until he's sure he wants to do this. But, he's not even 2 yet, so I could care less!

Diapers don't bug me...potty training does! I refuse to do it!


Julie Reid said...

Try keeping a small container of fruit loops or cheerios on the back of the toilet. Let him put a few in any aim away. If he went potty he got 2 M&M's when he was finished. This was such a fun game for Sheldon (I'm sure he's happy I'm sharing this) and it worked. Ofcourse, on the flip side till this day he still won't eat cheerios for breakfest. Just thought I'd share. Love ya Julie

Al's World said...

We are in the same boat! andrew is standing now, but wants to lean in and put both hands on the back of the potty so he doesn't "fall in". I was afraid we were going to have to send him off to college in diapers, so I am glad this day has come! Oh, BTW, did you get your pics done at Penney's, because we just did the same pose and backdrop last night! :)