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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Open Adoption

So many people are freaked out by open adoption. They think it means that we have joint custody of the child or something. This is not all the case. Open adoption really just means that there is an understanding of the adoptive family that the birthmother needs to know her child is okay.

It's trying to put yourself in their shoes and see that healing is more complete if they can have a relationship with their child. We believe this is best for both the birthparents, the adoptive parents and the child.

All of this to say, we had our first visit with Mommy G last night. I can't tell you how bad I want to post pictures of this beautiful woman.

The pictures are breath-taking...not just because Mommy G is gorgeous, but because of what happens when birthmom and child can hold each other again.

It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

We did very little last night but watch these two cuddle. I am embarrassed to admit that I took 90 pictures! Whoops! You think I got carried away.

I just know that Sadie would want to see this years from now. So this momma tried to capture every snuggle and every kiss from Mommy G.

The hard part was saying good-bye and for her to have to hand Sadie over yet again. But she said she felt great to be able to hold her and see us as a family.

We loaded our car and she went to hers, then she walked up behind me and said, "I am sorry, but I need one last hug!" From me! She wanted to hug me again.

I love this woman more than I will ever be able to write. I would give anything to have just loaded her into our car and brought her home! I know that sounds weird to many of you, but if you ever experience adoption, you'll know what I mean.

Thanks for your prayers. She is feeling everyone of them!

As an update for Sadie, she is up to 7lbs and 2oz. We took her into the doctor because we are having some really rough nights. Seems she has some reflux, so we started some meds. Last night was much better!

Love you all!


Anonymous said...

I hope, one day, we will get to meet her, too! We are praying for her, Molly and so thankful she has you and Blake in her life! God is using all that happens... Can't wait to see you all this pm!! Love, Noonie

Amber said...

Mommy G sounds like a truly amazing woman. I'm sure she knows she is so blessed to have you all! Continuing to pray for all of you, and Mommy G daily.

Becki Francy said...

Wow...I love hearing those stories. She is an amazing woman. I just know that she see's Christ through you and Blake and it is irresistable (SP?). Love you all - can't wait for the weekend!

Kara said...

What a touching account! You are all amazing people, and I pray she continues to see the love of Christ through your family!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!!! I know EXACTLY what you mean by it all. It's such a beautiful picture. We have scrapbooks of "J" for Marlo. I'm SO happy to hear that everything went okay. I can't wait to meet her!

mom2many said...

While our adoption could not have been open due to the circumstances, having given foster babies back, I can tell you it would have been MUCH easier had we been allowed some knowledge that the babies were doing okay in their new home. That is the hardest part of giving them up. I completely understand your feelings and you are most certainly blessed to be able to share your babies with their birth moms. She is adorable!

Lindsey said...

Molly Hey Girl! I am just getting back in to the world of blogging! First of all CONGRATS on your new Bundle of Joy! Sadie is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

About reflux,Oaklee had severe acid reflux and was put on Zantac. However Zantac did not work so he had to have an Upper GI performed it showed he was internal refluxing constantly. He was put on Axid. After 1 full year of his new meds his doc took him off and he is doing perfect. As a matter of a fact we are medicine free for almost 6 months now. YAY!

Oaklee was very sick at birth and born 8 weeks early...So this has all been a long time coming!

Good Luck and I am praying for you!


Spaulding said...

This is great news! hopefully she will see how much love their is in your family and how much GOD is a huge part in your family that she will begin to ask questions. Your family is so very blessed and special. We will continue to keep you in our prayers.
See you soon, Betty & Paul.