"So promise me you'll never forget...that you aren't an accident or an incident...you are a gift to the world, a divine work of art, signed by God. You were deliberately planned, specifically gifted, and lovingly positioned on this earth...Flooded by emotion, overcome by pride, the Starmaker turns to us, one by one, and says, 'You are my child. I love you dearly.'" Max Lucado, God Thinks You're Wonderful

Friday, September 12, 2008

Sleepless nights

It's amazing how quickly I have forgotten about these sleepless nights that come with newborns.

But I should be careful to complain about that, this Sadie is such a pumpkin and so quiet and sleepy most of the time. It's just that it seems she's had her days and nights confused a little. I have been trying to get some good shots of her with her eyes open because she's got gorgeous eyes!

Sorry to my family for not posting yesterday, but it's just been a lot of bottles, diaper changes and yawns around here.

We did take Sadie to the doctor again and she's now at 6lbs and 11oz! Woo hoo!

Mommy G is doing well for it only having been a week since she placed Sadie with us. We are eager to see her Wednesday and she is ready to have court behind her. Thank you for all that have been praying for her, she feels great peace with her decision.

So, I had to get this on camera. Owen had a great idea of where to store his juice while he had some cheese this morning!

This is Owen trying to get Cooper ready for "school" yesterday! I love it!

Gigi got Sadie a new book and Owen ran into where Sadie was sleeping and hopped on the bed and started "reading" to her. The boys are still loving having sister at home!

Blake got home early yesterday and the kids just flocked to him. So maybe that little one didn't flock just yet. Possibly mommy handed her over! I love watching Blake with the kids. He's the best daddy ever and they light up around him!

My mom and Blake's mom have been here for the first week since we've been home. Today is my first time at home alone! I am super excited to see how it goes! Better run and get ready before everyone gets up!!!


Cara Canada said...

That was so funny where Owen put his cup. Boys will constantly surprise you, but then again when it comes to boys nothing surprises you! Glad to see you are doing well. I am so happy for you and can see the happiness through all your pictures.

Love & prayers,

Amber said...

What adorable pictures Molly! The one of Owen getting Cooper ready is priceless! They seem to be so good at all taking care of each other! You have a sweet, sweet family Molly! Love you!

The Love Family said...
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The Love Family said...

Okay...I originally wrote how much she looks like she has changed, but can't believe I forgot to write how beautiful she is - so, I deleted that one and want a "do-over"!!! Hee hee! Sadie is a beautiful pumpkin - and, those EYES!!! Love them!! Ummm...has she asked for Teddy yet? I'm just sure of it...

Love you!

Laura said...

I love the last picture where all of the kids are surrounding Blake..and Blake has the best smile on his face! So sweet!

Melodie said...

so glad that your little family is doing well. loved the pictures!

Terra said...

That post cracked me up and made my heart melt at the same time. What a great cup holder. I find it very smart of him to think of that! Then the picture of Owen getting Cooper ready for school. Too cute and could Blake look any more proud. What a great daddy!! Her eyes are beautiful! Thanks also for the hotel suggestions. We are staying at the Amerisuites which is now the Hyatt. Great idea!

Lisa said...

Took some time today, and caught up on the Shockley family, and reading back on some of your older posts and recognizing God is good, is so true... All of these beautiful children of God... He knows our hearts, and I wonder if mine is speaking loud enough yet. I would like to add to our family, but Justin says I have to wait until Wyatt is two to discuss this. I should share your blog with him, 3 under the age of three. Keep up the great work, you make it look so easy!

Lisa Meacham