"So promise me you'll never forget...that you aren't an accident or an incident...you are a gift to the world, a divine work of art, signed by God. You were deliberately planned, specifically gifted, and lovingly positioned on this earth...Flooded by emotion, overcome by pride, the Starmaker turns to us, one by one, and says, 'You are my child. I love you dearly.'" Max Lucado, God Thinks You're Wonderful

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Random thoughts....

Sorry, nothing hugely exciting going on here, but just some funny things to share and of course...some pictures!

So, hair is a big deal around here. It's been a bit of a challenge figuring out how to take care of the boys hair. I read a ton about black hair care before they came into our lives, and had no clue how to handle bi-racial hair. So, if any of you out there have tips I am always open to trying new things. But, I have a pretty good routine right now and I love the boys hair longer like it is.

I LOVE their hair, and they do too. They just hate letting me fix it in the mornings.

Cooper has especially come to hate it as his hair has become more course and the curls have gotten tighter...that means more tangles.

Bless his heart, he runs when he sees me with the pick, spray bottle and product!

So the other day, I was holding him between my legs while picking out his hair. I said, "Cooper, DeMarco has to have his hair picked out too buddy!"

Owen piped up next to me, "Yea, and I bet Coach Stoops does it for him!"

I cracked up.

First, that he knows that Coach Stoops and DeMarco Murray belong together. Second, I got this mental picture of Coach Stoops holding down this huge DeMarco trying to pick through his hair! I was dying inside!

Cooper wasn't impressed at all and still fought me.

Now don't hate me yet. I do give the boys the option to cut their hair shorter, but they both tell me they want it longer.

So, Sadie has this wavy hand thing. Her hands are always roaming through the air. And I am not talking about the normal infant arm discovery...

One day Owen was watching her as I was holding her. He said, "She wants to touch your hair mom."

Then in his sweet baby voice, he said, "Do you want to touch it sis? You can touch it!" Like, hey let's touch the weird white hair.

I forget that I am the odd ball around here, as I am the only blonde with straight hair. Blake's hair is even course and brown!

Adoption thoughts...

Please continue to pray about where God is calling each of us in the area of adoption.

Hearts are moving.

People are talking about adopting.

Many are struggling with how to afford it.

Many are overwhelmed in knowing where to start.

I have received lots of emails and calls about people with questions.

People are wanting to walk into this rather unknown world of adoption.

I easily forgot those fears that I had 4 years ago!

Please pray that God would continue to move in this area of our lives.

Please contact us if you have questions/fears about adoption...we love sharing!

Please pray that we hear God as He is speaking to us. He is speaking!!!

I am excited to see all that God has planned!

On a more irritating note about adoption, 20/20 aired a special on adoptions "gone bad".
Blake and I wanted to turn it off, we got so frustrated.
I don't think the intent was to turn people away from adoption, but to let those FEW adoptive parents out there that may be struggling, know that there is help.

Simply put, it was about parents ending adoptions because of emotional issues from adopting older children (mostly international).

I was shocked while watching this.

I was sad that so much attention in the media is given to problems in adoption or adoptions falling through!

I know, I know...it sells.

But for me, I just heard people closing the doors on adoption because of fear.

I was sad for children watching that were adopted wondering if their parents would give up on them because they had made some bad choices. (Yes, adopted kids can have those thoughts!)

Since it's National Adoption Awareness month I wished there would have been something geared toward encouraging adoption!

Thanksgiving was very rich for our family of 5!
Do we have a lot to give thanks for or what?

The list is endless, but what sticks out the most are these 3 blessings we call our children.

I am thankful for their birthmoms and the difficult choice they made.
I am thankful for God leading them to us.
I am thankful for our agency that sees adoption as a ministry, not a job.

I am thankful for my marriage to my precious husband that still chooses me!

for my incredible parents, who've been married for 38 years!

for my precious "in laws" that treat me as their own!

for my 3 sisters, my best friends who I wish I could be closer to.

for my relationship with Christ more than anything!


Becki Francy said...

I am laughing my butt off.....first you don't have a penis and then your hair is wierd...will you ever NOT be the odd man out??? I can't stop laughing...I was sitting here reading it outloud to Vicki....she was even laughing out loud!

You are such a good face on adoption...and it makes me SOOOO proud...I wanted to scream when I saw the preview for the 20/20...but I didn't watch it b/c I knew it would make me mad....real mature huh?

Love you!

Noonie said...

NOT just random thoughts, sweetie... We are so proud of you and so thankful, too, for all God has shown this Noonie and Papa as we've experienced adoption! I can't imagine our lives without Owen, Cooper and Sadie... They are truly a tremendous blessing in our lives and I know a ministry in many ways... We love them deeply and they are our precious grandchildren, even if we have wierd white hair!! And know if anyone ever wants to talk with grandparents, we are here to share our hearts!! Love you all, Mom

Tracy said...

I am living with a couple of those 20/20 adoption kids gone bad! I can tell you from experience, if God gives you those children, He will see you through the process of healing those children. God is SO much bigger than DHS, or the adoption agencies, or 20/20 and their experts (not!). It was only when I realized that Satan was ultimately behind the behaviors and damage done to my kids and I gave it to God, that we began to see progress. Having done both adoption and bio kids, I choose adoption! ANY DAY!!! Praying for the next one!

Molly said...

I couldn't agree more Tracy. It was so sad to see these parents giving up. As if any child doesn't have issues? There are no mistakes in placement people. No mistakes in how families come together...it's all in God's perfect plan. My heart just broke as I thought of all of the couples contemplating adoption being scared off. Thanks for sharing that!

Laura said...

My favorite part is how you explained that Owen was talking to Sadie...and they wanted to touch your "white girl" hair! I was cracking up!!!

I love you! I love watching you be a mom! You inspire me and bring back great memories of me and you playing together!

Al's World said...

I will be praying for you as people are asking you questions about adoption. There is a reason why God had you adopt your beautiful and i mean beautiful children and I believe it is to help people in their times of crisis. I followed a link from Becki's site to the wife of the the singer from Selah and read all they are going through...amazing testimony and then followed a link to a friend of hers who is going through a tough adoption time and thought you might want to read it and be in prayer: http://our-journey-to-parenthood.blogspot.com/ Love you girl!!

Melodie said...

so i couldn't get cooper out of my mind as i watched the game saturday night and saw the Demarco fellow all over the field. and i thought about the guacamole thing in the elevator. loved the pictures of the kids. they are so beautiful. as if you haven't noticed!

Kristy said...

I love your blog, you crack me up also. I totally get the hair thing Aaron runs too when he sees me coming with the hair stuff but I love his hair long and big too! I have got a lot of criticism for it though but I don't care I think it's cute. I never noticed Demarco maybe because I don't listen to the games that much but now I hear his name everytime I think of your son, and start laughing!

Melodie said...

ok. i just rsvp'ed for the Christmas party. and i am crossing my fingers that we will see you there. Holden and i have been SICK with colds since Thanksgiving. and it seems we are on the downhill of it. i won't bring my snotty boy around your healthy kids if we aren't better by Saturday. but i sure hope we are! :)