"So promise me you'll never forget...that you aren't an accident or an incident...you are a gift to the world, a divine work of art, signed by God. You were deliberately planned, specifically gifted, and lovingly positioned on this earth...Flooded by emotion, overcome by pride, the Starmaker turns to us, one by one, and says, 'You are my child. I love you dearly.'" Max Lucado, God Thinks You're Wonderful

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

One of those days!

Today I woke up hopeful that we might leave the house!

I planned to surprise the boys and take all 4 of us to the Omniplex! They were so excited.

I should have seen it coming, but I didn't.
Cooper has shown NO interest in the potty. I really don't want to push him, but I was terribly spoiled with Owen using the potty (no "training" involved) a couple weeks after he turned 2.

This morning Cooper said he wanted to wear "underoos" as he calls them.

I was so excited. I didn't care that he hadn't or wouldn't sit on the potty.

See, why didn't I see this coming!
I stuffed candy in my pockets for treats and really talked up the potty at the museum in hopes he might tinkle there.

We celebrated how cute he looked in his (hand-me-down) underoos. He loved how he could feel his buns through his pants. Boys!

We celebrated when we got to the museum with dry pants!

We went straight to the cool potty at the museum. Owen showed Cooper how to do it and Cooper tried. But no delivery.

Not 5 minutes later, he was soaked to the bone. He even drenched their wooden stool he was standing on!
No worries, I had back up everything...okay except for shoes and he soaked those babies too!

I was cool. He was cool.

He didn't even care that he was wet.
He totally believes that line in Billy Madison, "You're not cool unless you pee your pants!"

After about 5 minutes I told him we needed to go change.

We were getting looks.
As if I don't look odd enough with 3 brown babies so young...now one was obviously wet and his mom didn't seem to care.

Someone's going to report me.

He hid under an exhibit.

Now I was starting to care!

Stay cool. This kid loves to draw me in for a good power struggle.

I didn't stay cool long. I could feel the eyes of every person without toddlers staring holes into the back of my head. (You know all moms of toddlers were feeling for me and probably sweating for me!)

Now, at this time I have Sadie hooked to me via Baby Bjorn and she's taking a bottle.

I know, nice timing!

So, I am trying to catch Cooper and keep the pee off of everything including myself and little miss.

I finally catch him and hold him under my arm around his belly, legs out.

Can you see it?

He was kicking and screaming!

More eyeballs staring at me!

What I wouldn't have given for a camera at that moment.

I am not sure who looked funnier, me or Cooper?

Anywho, many toddler mommies pretended not to see me because they know what it's like.

Many offered to help.

We finally got changed and everyone was fine (and yes, I put him in a diaper!).

I took a deep breath and we actually enjoyed the Omniplex!

These are the moments which I remind myself we almost didn't get to keep this little guy.

I would take these pee soaked, power struggle, 2 year old episodes anyday because he's a SHOCKLEY forever!

I love you Cooperman. I am so pumped for when you use the potty, but this isn't going to happen for quite some time I am sure!


Al's World said...

I am laughing, laughing, laughing at you! And I am saying THANK GOODNESS I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE!! Someday I will tell you the first time I took both kids to the mall thinking no big deal, until I forgot pullups (because my three year old wasn't potty trained.. hang in there) and he got a case of the "Big D"...too much fun! But like you said, they are ours now and forever!

Becki Francy said...

OKay - I stopped reading when I realized it was funny....then I decided to read it outloud to David...as I am laughing and reading...I start crying when I get to the part where he is a shockley forever...way to sneak up on me with that one....

Melodie said...

Molly, I'm scared. I've been scared for a couple of months now. And though I can sit back and laugh at your story, in the back of my mind I'm scared of the future. Babies are easy, but frankly being the mom of a toddler scares me. :)
Now when are we going to get together?!

Anonymous said...

Your stories hit so close to home and you are soo brave going in the first place I bet you sleep well tonight. I'm exhausted going through all this with just 1 toddler I would have been one of those moms offering to help that is if I wasn't chaseing after Aaron as usual.

Patti said...

Molly that is a wonderful story- the kind you'll tell over and over and laugh just as much each time. Thanks for the smiles. And..Happy New Year. Patti

Terra said...

I am cracking up and feeling for you all at the same time. I've given up on potty training, going to try again when he is 5 or he decides on his own! :) J/K by the way! At least he is cute! That is what I tell Chris all of the time..."If Ky wasn't so cute I'd probably be able to be mad at him, but he is, so I can't hardly get angry without laughing at him 2 minutes later!" u

Samantha said...

Happy New Year!!

As a Mommy of a soon-to-be toddler {if he's not classified as a toddler already!}, no judgement here - even though I was laughing as I read it, I was still feeling for you!!

And YAY Cooper!! Such a big boy now!

Julie Reid said...

Oh Molly, I know your discomfort of being stared at. I used to get all kinds of looks when I took all three of my kids to the store. One in the car seat(Ashleigh newborn), one in the back of the buggy (Sheldon age 2), and trying to hold Brittany's (age 4) hand while trying to put things in the buggy, pushing it and trying to keep Sheldon from throwing everything out of the buggy.

I would do it all over again if I could. But I do remember how tuff it can be. Thank you for the laugh!!
Happy New Year!! Love ya Julie

Brooke and Peter said...

so it has been crazy spending the week with blake's parents here in MONTANA!!! they had so many stories and pictures of you and your crew.... so fun! wish you all could have been here too!

kim said...

I so broke a sweat while reading this post! I have soooo been there girl! Sometimes I forget to just "go with it" like you did! Can't wait to meet those little stinkers of yours in person! :)

Jamila said...

Laughed so hard that I think I need to go check my own underoos!

mom2many said...

You always hear "they won't go to kindergarten in diapers"...my question is "WHY NOT?" Seriously...what would the harm be??? UGH! Does Cooper have a "potty song"?? If not, I am sure Josiah would love to share his. Gotta love those boys!

Nate, Abbey and Noah said...

You are such an awesome mom. Noah is only 1 but I can forsee that in my future and if you can keep your cool with THREE I better be able to keep my cool with 1! I love your blog and was just telling my dad the other day that we need to have you over to his house to swim this summer with all the kiddos.