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Friday, May 15, 2009

Aspen Anyone?

Well, we've had an exciting week on many fronts.

I will have to update the rest later because my sweet husband has the camera and I can't show any pictures of some of the exciting stuff.

But this one has no pictures quite yet.

We found out on Wednesday that Blake will be going to Aspen for 11 weeks this year for work. He will be doing a Sports Medicine/Trauma service there from Nov-January. It really is a rocking deal and we are all very excited about this! Blake is wanting to do a fellowship in Sports Medicine, so we feel like this will be an excellent opportunity.

And, it's in Aspen! Who could turn that down?

Notice I said, "Blake will be going to Aspen" not "we" will be going to Aspen?

That's right. The program provides a one bedroom condo for the resident. I am not sure all 5 of us can squeeze in there. And given the cost of housing in Aspen, we are just not going to be able to swing it! So, we are not sure of all of the details, but just wanted you all to know that he'll be gone for a while and we are most likely going to be in Tulsa with my family and occassionally visiting him in Aspen. I am not ready to be a single mother over the holidays no-less!

Poor guy, he's going to be so lonely. WHATEVER! They're going to have a hard time pulling him off the slopes just to work! He'll be fine!

Congrats babe, we are so excited for you and that we'll be going to Aspen at least to visit!


Becki Francy said...

Congrats Blake....you are an excellent doctor - I am sure that is why they are sending you.....or did you try out and show them your skiing skills?

Julie said...

By the title of your blog I was hoping you were inviting us all to Aspen! Feel for you because of the time and distance, but it will go quickly with it being the Holidays and what a cool place to visit!

How cool and tell Blake congratulations!

Love you,

Jamila said...

Bittersweet.In the long haul this will be so good for your family. And all of the memories your kids will have spending good quality time in Tulsa! You'll have to post lots of pics!

Melodie said...

oh wow! at least you'll get lots of family time in tulsa. you can't beat that! and maybe a mini-vacation to aspen out of the deal.

Al's World said...

Yeah Blake!!! Molly, that means lots of trips to Tulsa, yeah!!!! It is hard for him to be away, David was going to Houston 4 days a week for three months last year. Hang in there, it goes by faster than you think...yeah Blake!

Terra said...

I love your positive attitude! I have to say I probably would struggle with my attitude about something like this. That is what I love most about you...your bright outlook on everything! I learn a lot from you! The other thing I love is that maybe I'll get to see more of you and those sweeties!! Congrats Blake on an exciting opportunity! Oh and by the way Molly, if you ever need an extra set of hands when you travel to Aspen...you won't have to twist my arm very hard! :) Hee Hee!