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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Family Vacation

We had a wonderful time at Great Wolf Lodge.
We are so thankful for places closer to home that we can take our kids to for a short family vacation.

Several of our friends and family have asked us about this place, so I tried to make a video to show you the inside of the waterpark.

We have a blast watching the kids play in the water. And the whole place has a lodge theme, even each room!

They loved that we all shared a room and got to wake up together, and Blake and I were reminded how noisey our kids are when they sleep!!!
So here is our trip in pictures and some videos!

Sadie showing off her cover up and crocs!
The boys enjoying the smaller slides in the kids play area.
Seriously, can you tell he's loving this???

Riding the banana! I couldn't get the boys to pose with her....SHOCKER!
The boys have been saving up for a trip to Disney World. Since we are not going to be doing that anytime soon (they were up to $65), we asked them if they wanted to use some of their money to play in the arcade at the Lodge. I am not sure who had more fun, them or their daddy!

Blake trying to get Sadie in the water. She liked it as long as her body wasn't too wet!

Sadie even found a little fountain just her size! She was so cute, she didn't like to get splashed by the water. She never cried when she did get wet, she just clung to you like a tree frog!

Owen thought this was hilarious to sit on the fountain and have it spray up his shorts! BOYS!

There were several moments that we hope to never forget, like when Cooper saw some older boys on a playground fighting and he yelled at them, "You are bweaking Jesus's heart!" Talk about making me melt. I was so proud of him for calling out these older boys.
Every night when it was time for bed Owen begged for us to go home and sleep in his own bed. He was a little nervous about this "wolf" that we kept talking about and he wanted to know where he slept. We had to explain it was all pretend...too cute!
We thought we brought our super quiet daughter Sadie along with us, but on Tuesday we realized we had Chatty Cathy...it was a riot watching this girl come out of her shell! You'll see her at the end of this video. She's clearly making up for 8 months of relative silence and we are enjoying every minute of it!

This clip is of the boys enjoying the wave pool. I think this was close to their favorite this year.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!


Ursula said...

I'm home today w/a sick Ephraim. He was quietly sitting on my lap as I checked my email then looked at your blog. Without me saying anything, suddenly he perked up "More Cooper, more Cooper and when I scrolled to a pick shouted "found him." He keeps wanting to look at him. Too cute. He's annoyed I'm typing a comment b/c he "misses Cooper." My boy sure does adore your boys. Thanks for providing some sick day entertainment.

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a fun time!! Thanks for the videos... It might help Papa see we have to go!! Loved all the pics, too... So thankful you are all home safe!!! Love, Noonie

Becki Francy said...

Cracking up, those are too cute. And I am dying at how much Lil Miss is talking! Is that Blake in the background with a shirt on???? Tell him I said to "SHOW ME THE MONEY!"

Laura said...

I LOVED the pics! Can't believe how cool that place is...and how cool your kids are! :)

Oh, I also loved your laugh in the background of the videos...I can tell how much you delight in your children!

Love yoU!

Kristy said...

We have to go there looks like so much fun, ps great meeting you all!! Love the pictures

Amanda said...

Aw, man -- I wish I would have known in advance you guys were coming this way. Some of the other bloggers you read and I live just down the road. It would have been fun to connect over coffee.

Still, what a trip! GWL is so cool. I'm glad you guys had such a great getaway!

Meredith said...

What a fun water park! I'm jealous that we don't have anything like that nearby!

Yaya said...

How cute! 'you're bweaking jesus' heart' lol!!!!

Courtney said...

so cute. love it! sadie is awesome. the boys are adorable too

Julie said...

Hi Molly! I love your haircut! It is so cute on you. It looks like you guys had a blast! I would love to take the girls there sometime. I hope you are doing well!

Carrie said...

We went last year and booked another one in September. It is our favorite place to go!!!

Cara Canada said...

Great Wolf is such a fun place! We went in December and had a great time.

Rob and Kathy said...

We loved reading about your trip to GWL and seeing the pics/video! Your babies are so precious! God bless you all!

Brklacich Family said...

Molly is that the one in Dallas or Kansas City. I heard they are both great! Little Miss Sadie is growing up! Owen and Cooper are as well, my what little men they have become! They grow up too fast!

Jamila said...

FYI- Miss Keely B insists that we watch those videos DAILY!When you laugh, she cackles!