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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Best Husband Ever

That's right.

I simply have the best husband ever.

For the last 4 years my mom has taken my sisters and I on a "hunting" shopping trip. Let me explain. Our husbands all go with my dad to hunt every year and us girls were repeatedly being left behind with all of the kids. After about 4 years of this, we finally decided we needed a hunting trip of our own. And we would hunt for bargains, not animals.

So, we load up with Christmas lists in tow and shop our little hearts out.

It's become a wonderful tradition and loads of fun to wrap Christmas presents in September.

And I have to say it's wonderful to get shopping done early.

So this past Friday, I loaded myself up and headed to the rest of the girls while Blake had the kids all weekend. And he was excited about it.

He cooked and CLEANED. He even took pictures and dressed the kids so that they all matched for the OU game. He took them to the science museum twice and to the park. He packed the bag full of snacks, diapers and wipes. He had to manage all 3 while changing poopy diapers at the museum. They wrestled and played football all weekend. Blake even said that Sadie was getting in on the tackling! AND, they all got baths. Seriously! I was so impressed. When you don't do this daily, it really is overwhelming, and yet he remembered it all and enjoyed it!

He also took off Sadie's toe nail polish and attempted to repaint them. He said it was a complete mess, so he took it off again. But I have to say that is the cutest thing I have ever heard!

What a blessing, huh? I got some incredible sister/mom time full of lots of giggles and Mexican food, got my shopping done, AND came home to a clean house full of happy kids!

Thanks babe for understanding that I need time for myself! You are the best!


kim said...

love it! Nothing is cuter than a man with his kids!

Miss ya!

Laura said...

I think my favorite part is him painting Sadie's toe nails! And I will say that ALL he did was impressive. It wears me out just hearing about it!

Love you!

Jamila said...

What a sweet daddy! Molly your family has such neat ideas. I will have to fill in my mama on the "hunting" trip.

Charissa said...

Impressive indeed.Very impressive. Does he give lessons?

Melodie said...

fun for you and fun for Blake and the kids. so glad you all had a good weekend!

Kristy said...

So cute!

Courtney said...


Brklacich Family said...

How awesome and so so sweet!

Chassidy said...

YAY FOR YOU.....and Go Blake Go!! So glad you got some well deserved R&R time :) And the pictures are adorable