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Sunday, October 11, 2009


This is an appropriate title because our little Miss is oh-so LOUD!

Who wouldn't be if you had big brothers and a mom that could make your ears bleed with all the talking?

So sister has learned an effective method of getting anything quickly....just SCREAM!

She's a pro.

It's worked wonders for her. So why would she stop now?
For the longest time I was like, "Wow, girls just scream I guess."
Then I was like, "Dude, she's so loud!"
And then it finally hit me like a ton of bricks why she was doing this.
Sadie doesn't use words. Seriously.

She says like three actual words.
So, I've been working really hard to nip this in the bud. (Ya know....before we drive 14 hours in a car and live in a 2 bedroom apartment for 9 weeks!!!!)

And, I've figured out that Sadie knows the word "scream".

If you say, "Thank you Sadie for not screaming." She'll immediately scream!!!
She's a smart girl.
Her mom, on the other hand, is obviously a little slow on the uptake!
So Sadie has spent some time in her room when she won't stop screaming. Her brothers find it very funny that she has to do time out sometimes too.

Oh the joys of parenting!

If you've got a screamer out there...and you've dealt with how to move away from this, please help a momma out!

She is starting to sign and I have noticed that it has been cut in half since we've realized that we were actually giving her every reason to scream!

And here she is looking so precious (as always). She is very proud of her talent!!!


Becki Francy said...

Ok - I know what you are thinking. That I don't have this mastered. Just as one of mine stopped screaming the other started!!! BUT - I learned to wipe her mouth when she screamed. She hated that...and it worked. Now I KNOW what you are thinking...she still screams...only when she sees her sweet cousins out of excitement or you - when she hasn't seen you in a while...but I wouldn't stop THAT for the world!

I don't do it to grey because of the ezcema....need a new idea! But by the way - this is what you get for laughing your hiney off when this was happening to me.....

So heres my little giggle to you!

Al's World said...

Kaitlyn screams too girl! Oh my goodness. I finally just did not give her what she wanted until she signed please, or pointed or babbled something instead of screaming...it seems to be getting better with age because she is learning to communicate better (well at least she knows what she is saying :)) Hang in there, praying for you as you make your transition.

Terra said...

I am cracking up....only because we are experiencing the exact same thing. Blog what you learn...I need help too! When do you leave? Think there is any way in the world we could squeeze in a playdate? I agree, thank goodness for blogs.

Fether said...

Jordann was a girl of few words and many noises...screaming among the list. Now if she fusses over somthing she wants...I ask for words..if she gets frustrated I ask her to show me...if my answer is no and she continues to scream...she has to march to her room or to her time-out chair until she can get a handle on the "tude".
It'll get easier!
We're praying for you all and your Aspen adventure!

Melodie said...

she looks so big, like she has grown a ton since we last saw you guys. wish i had some parental words of wisdom. unfortunately, none here. :(

Anonymous said...

My daughter (adopted from Russia age 2yrs) does that too! I try to totally ignore the scream and ask her what she wants, as if I didn't hear the scream. I try not to respond at all if she screams, no eye contact I don't even turn my head or alter my facial expression. She has started to babble a bit instead and when she does I say "Oh you want...." I don't know if there is any cure except time and ear plugs!

Good Luck

Ursula said...

I used to tell Ephraim, "use your signs and not your whines" and then I just pretended I was deaf to all screaming/whining. For a week or so (so plan this when you're not having company) things will get worse, but then they will get a whole lot better. You just have to really act deaf to the screaming/whining/whatever annoying sound it is.

Aubrey said...

We constantly go through phases of that. Just when I think she's "cured", it happens again. The only thing that works for us is ignoring it or trying to distract her with something else. We realized she loved the attention positive or negative associated with her screams.

This is still a regular battle. I'll be curious to see if anyone has some solutions, too!

Robin said...

OH sister, just give up!! **LOL** I have 2 screamers in our house and yes....it's just girls. Remember it won't be long before you wished you could hear it again. :) Marlo is 4 and still screaming her heart out. LOVE IT!

Nate, Abbey and Noah said...

She is so darn cute! I'm going through the loudness with Noah but it's not in screaming it's in how he plays with his toys...banging them all over the place! Wowser!

Chassidy said...

I'm cracking up!!! That sweet little thing is LOUD...no way! Seriously those are the cutest pics yet of sweet little miss. Hope you entered her into the baby gap contest...she is GORGEOUS!!