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Monday, July 19, 2010

Girls Weekend

We've started a new tradition in our family that when a granddaughter turns 10, you make a trip to the American Girl store in Dallas!
Noonie with her grandgirls: Emery, Lauren (birthday girl), Ragon, Ann Marie and Sadie
So this past weekend 11 of the girls in our family (my sisters, nieces, mom, grandma, and MY DAUGHTERS-I love saying that) made our way to Dallas for some shopping and just fabulous girl time. My sissy Stephanie and her daughter Ann Marie (12). Emery travels well. Big sister, not so much. Anyone got any ideas on how to put a halt to ear-piercing screams? I told her if she couldn't talk to me, she had to put a wipey in her mouth. That worked for a while. Then Grandy told her she'd have to walk to Dallas if she couldn't quiet down. H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S!!!!We are not sure yet what the boys are going to do when one of them hits 10, but I can only imagine it won't involve outlet stores! Dang we snagged some good deals!
We couldn't have had more fun or made more memories. What an absolute blessing to be able to call these women my best friends. Grandy had us in stitches pretty much the entire time. And I wouldn't have been able to tote my two babes had everyone of them not helped me so much. Thank you girls for helping me!
Laura got to spend lots of time snuggling the girls since she has 3 boys and came solo this weekend! So glad you came Laura! It wouldn't have been the same without you (and my roots wouldn't be either-thanks for the color)!!

Grandy, Emery, Laura and I at dinner at the American Girl bistro.

We got stopped by SO many people that thought Emme was a baby doll.
I have to say that it was pretty fun watching Sadie enjoy herself here. She will be getting her doll for her second birthday, but got to pick it out (or, um...her mother picked it out!) and love on it!
She had a blast playing in that place! Thank goodness she didn't think she could take it all with her! Our next trip here will be in 7 years when Ragon hits 10!!! Crazy!
Isn't that a sweet baby we picked out?

Thank you Noonie and Papa for such a fun and memorable weekend!
Some of my besties from college live right outside of Dallas, so they came to the hotel to meet Emery and play with us for a bit! What a treat! Thanks Angela and Misty for making time for us!
Big thanks to Gigi and Papa for keeping the boys since daddy was on call this weekend! I think the boys didn't miss us one bit!


Megan said...

When our daughter was at the car-screaming stage we started playing veggie tale CDs. It worked for her. Now she asks for something to "distact" her! The Doodle Pro is her fave!

Rob and Kathy Gandy said...

What a wonderful extended family you all are! Loved the pics and commentary. Thanks so much for sharing your lives with us. God bless you all!

Samantha said...

SO fun! I love that tradition... we might just have to borrow it too!

Cindy said...

what a cool tradition! Love the pics of Sadie in the store- and LOVE the baby doll you picked out for her. So precious.