"So promise me you'll never forget...that you aren't an accident or an incident...you are a gift to the world, a divine work of art, signed by God. You were deliberately planned, specifically gifted, and lovingly positioned on this earth...Flooded by emotion, overcome by pride, the Starmaker turns to us, one by one, and says, 'You are my child. I love you dearly.'" Max Lucado, God Thinks You're Wonderful

Friday, September 16, 2011

Someone is THREE!!!!

How in the world is this possible? I feel like it was yesterday I got the phone call, "Molly. This is Sandy. What are you doing?" Awww shucks. Nothing. It's just that when YOU call I can't breathe. Whatcha callin' bout Ms. Sandy? "Well. You've been picked. The baby is a girl. She is already here. She was born yesterday. Can you be at the hospital in 3 hours?" AHHHHHHH!!!!!!Then I blinked twice and she was 6 months old and slowly developing into this bubbling little laughy girl we call Sadie Cakes. I blinked again and we were bringing another little sister home. So I guess it only makes sense 3 years have passed. Whew. Please slow down lil bit. I wanna take this all in! Our Sadie turned 3 a couple of weeks ago. My heart was sad in having yet another birthday and not really having family or friends to celebrate it with. Lo and behold my parents were struggling too and surprised us by driving to Atlanta ON SADIE'S BIRTHDAY!!!!! Talk about awesome!!!

They took us out to dinner to celebrate and entertained us all weekend long. It was just what my soul needed. Oh how I was missing them desperately!

Happy birthday sweet girl! You quickly figured out that 3 came with a little extra sass, but I have learned to just roll with the punches...3 is a tricky year for us all. You are so kind and gentle. You remind me so much of your Aunt Laura. When we get onto you or raise our voice, you crumble in knowing we are dissappointed. You are pretty fearless and you can hold your own among your brothers and their buddies. You hardly weigh 30 lbs. You are FAST! You are not a picky eater, but you just don't consume much at all...well unless it's chocolate. You are independent. You are still very loud, but you've noticed your baby sister screams and that it hurts your ears so I am hoping you are catching on ;o) You are such a good helper with Emery and to me! You love talking to Jesus and it's precious to me to get to be a part of those intimate moments with you. Sometimes I don't know what you are saying, but I love knowing that Jesus knows.

You love having your picture taken, and you love to take pictures. You like to talk on the phone and you love to shop. It's so helpful because the boys HATE to run any errands, so it's nice that you'll help me get stuff done while they are at school! (Below are the dolphins at the aquarium)

You love to sing and dance. Your ballet class is a highlight of your week, but so is everything else. You just live life with gusto girl. Joy simply flows from you. And it rubs off onto everyone that meets you. You're kinda like me in that you've never met a stranger (I know...I need to be better at "stranger danger") and you say "Hello" to everyone as we walk to school in the morning.

So thank you pumpkin for these 3 incredible years. You are more than your daddy and I could've ever dreamed of.

Thank you for sharing my love of brownies!

At the aquarium on Labor day! We had so much fun showing Noonie around (Papa was under the weather...poor guy. We wore him out!) I told my parents that coming to stay with us is like going to Vegas. 3 days is plenty and you're on overload!

Look at my babies!!! We ate at a place here called Mary Mac's. It was super yummy, but sadly the kids didn't know what to do with all of the butter and deep fried food. Oh what memories we made there!

Baby girl, we adore you! Thank you for bringing so much sunshine into our family! Happy Birthday!!!


mckenziegordon said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Sadie! Her smile truly is contagious. Thanks for sharing her with the blog world.

Nate, Abbey, Noah and Blaire said...

So sweet! Happy Bday Sadie!

Kierstin said...

Happy Birthday Sadie!! Her hair looks great!! :)