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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Trucking Along

So, we are into a good routine with school and we are just trucking along. Blake is loving his job and boy does that make this all that much more enjoyable! He is here for breakfast almost every morning which is a HUGE change for us. What a wonderful blessing!!! He's home everyday before dinner, except on the rare occasion. He's traveling a bit with the football teams, but it's a total dream...so we are all excited for him. And I am only a wee bit jealous that he gets his own hotel room when he's gone! He is being spoiled and he deserves it!

We have been able to visit the zoo and aquarium lots and of course enjoy daily (sometimes multiple times a day) to the park. The weather has been so nice (70-low 80's) this week so we've stayed outside as much as we can. I have given into my new wardrobe of workout clothes. I am constantly chasing, walking, pushing strollers, loading and unloading the car...and in a fine layer of sweat beads. Welcome ponytail and tank tops. Clinton and Stacey would eat me alive.

I feel like we are adjusting pretty well. The boys have made lots of new friends and Sadie is LOVING her ballet classes every week. Our pediatrician is wonderful, and the environment is a dream (although the wait for appointments is AWFUL). But I figure, its only a year and I really enjoy the fact that every time I have been to the office I have been the only white person in the whole office.

The boys miss things back in Oklahoma, mostly the relationships. Sadie does not at all get it. She keeps telling me she wants to go home or when she talks with someone from our family she tells them to come home now. Sniff sniff.

My camera broke a couple weeks ago. I took it in to get fixed. Got it back, still doesn't work! Grrr...so these are old pictures from about a month ago...but really cute ones!!! ENJOY!

Peek-a-boo Baby!

My all time favorite face of hers!!!!

oh and this one...darn that it's fuzzy!

Owen's action shot. This is how he posed for me. Such a boy!!!

My dare devil. How have we not had stitches or broken bones???

What a fun pool!

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Norma said...

SO thankful you are all enjoying Atlanta! Love the pics & wondered where all the pics are of my grandones... Love you, sweetie!! Mom