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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fall fun and Greyson Michael!

Well, it was so nice to be able to go see my newest nephew on Tuesday. The boys stayed with Blake's parents so it allowed Sadie and I to just hang out in the hospital with my sister and her husband!

Here are some pictures of the visit!

My parents needed a pic of their two newest grandkids!

Sadie at 8 weeks, Grey at 2 days!

I think she looks like a doll here, like she actually is so darn cute she can't be a real baby!
At the hospital I got my first ever, "Are you stealing her?" I haven't heard that one before. I think it was partly because she is small and we don't "match" and I was leaving the newborn "wing"...but come on lady!

Tonight, Blake was on call, but was sweet enough to squeeze in some family time between getting home and having to go back to the hospital for the night. So, he took all of us to the fall festival at our church. It is so much fun, and such a blast to see all of our friends with their kids all dressed up. I was shocked and impressed at all of the daddy's in costume.

Since the boys went as football players (can you guess which players???), I thought it was appropriate that Sadie be their cheerleader. My sister just happened to have a cheerleader outfit! You know I am cheap! It was perfect!

Cooper being his normal crazy self! This guy is a riot!

And this is what you get when you let your husband take the picture! Maybe we'll get a better one tomorrow!

Sadie has been talking so much more and it just melts my heart and makes the world stop around us. Everyone gets quiet to listen. The boys even get a thrill out of her coos!

I got this one of Blake and Sadie "talking". Look at how she's touching his face and intently watching his lips. I love seeing her legs on his chest and how small she is. Watch out daddy, this girls gonna rock your world.

Seriously, she needs to model for OU stuff. She wasn't really fond of the feel of the tutu (I need to figure out how to spell that word), but it was to die for! Thanks GiGi and Papa Joe, and again sorry to all of those Pokes fans that I love out there!


Anonymous said...

They are going to make me into a Sooner!! LOVE the pic, Blake! Send more... Love, Noonie

Becki Francy said...

Oh my gosh...I am cracking up....could that tootoo be any cuter???? And could her legs be any longer? And by the way - if it makes you feel better...David tried to carry Greyson in the hall and a lady stopped him and said...you can't do that....that is how people steal babies....so he is also a baby stealer!!!!! Maybe going a little over the top on security, huh?

Angela said...

Love seeing the 2 little ones together -- how sweet!! And yes, she does look like a doll in that sleeping pic. My Owen has been sleeping in that pose (with his little hands tucked gently under his cheek) since he was a tiny little thing, and he often still does...it melts my heart even now, 3 yrs later! I'll be missing you this weekend, but it sure is nice that I get to see your sweet smile on this blog! Love you!

Kara said...

Great pics Molly! Sadie is just too precious! I want to know how the Grunewalds put up with all that Sooner talk :) Your kids are all so cute!

Lucila said...

I love the new pictures! I love the close-up of Sadie and Greyson and how they are both touching their faces. Isn't it funny how Sadie looks huge now that she has a brande new cousin? Also the tutu picture is adorable, specially because she has long ballerina legs.

Anonymous said...

I will forgive you for all the OU stuff only b/c your kids are SO darn cute!!! That Sadie Doll is just precious...YUMMO!

Chassidy said...

How adorable! And you know I'm not an OU fan by any means...But that tutu! She couldn't be MORE PRECIOUS! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!