"So promise me you'll never forget...that you aren't an accident or an incident...you are a gift to the world, a divine work of art, signed by God. You were deliberately planned, specifically gifted, and lovingly positioned on this earth...Flooded by emotion, overcome by pride, the Starmaker turns to us, one by one, and says, 'You are my child. I love you dearly.'" Max Lucado, God Thinks You're Wonderful

Monday, October 27, 2008

Should be cleaning...

I should be cleaning but need to share some more things!

First, I have a new nephew! I am going to Tulsa tomorrow to go see him, oh yea, and my sister! Here's a pic of the little guy!
Cooper lately has been doing the sweetest thing that he learned from his daddy.
He gets really close to you and whispers, "I unna tell you a secret"

Of course, we reply, "what?"

He grabs your face with both hands and whispers, "I uv you!"

Talk about making me melt! I love you too buddy! Everything about you makes me crazy obsessed and I want to kiss your cheeks off!
We were at the mall on Friday and this lady in the elevator was checking out our clan and saying how cute the kids are. She then asked the boys what their names were...Owen quickly replied, "I'm Owen", then Cooper said in all seriousness, "DeMarco Murray". Blake and I giggled and looked up at the lady. She said, "Guacamole?" It made us laugh even harder. We then explained what he said and that it really wasn't his name! So much for picking cute names for your kids...we should have known if any of them would rename themselves, it would be Cooperman!

Lately, we've (by we, I mean Owen and Cooper) been losing our TV privileges as a method to discipline the boys for poor choices. It works like a charm because they LOVE to just have the TV on. I know, what am I creating??? Anyway, this has led to some other forms of entertainment that I love to see!

Here they are in their "fort" playing roll the ball. I mean, come on, we've got some cool toys! But my kids really don't care about toys! Look at Cooper's face! You know it's hard to draw a line with him and that grin!

Sadie has started coo-ing more and has finally smiled while awake! She is much like Owen and seems to be pretty serious and pretty sleepy! So, when she smiled yesterday and today...we were tickled pink! I have found myself acting like a goon trying to get her to smile!

I have also been working on her room, finally! So, here are the latest things I have done. We did this for the boys with the pictures of their birthmom over their crib. It's not only cool for the kids, but a great reminder for us of how blessed we are through adoption.

Since Sadie's initials are all "S" I have decided to not over do it and just do one! I like it!

And this is my favorite wall now!

And just in case you forgot how adorable she was... our little princess!


Kara said...

Molly, at least your son says he is a real person, my boys just think they are Thomas the Train or Bob the Builder (too much TV you think?)

Sadie is one cute little doll! She seems so dainty compared to Cole. God did good!

Melodie said...

she is so so cute! she looks like a babydoll. i've got to see her in person!
guacamole story made me laugh outloud! what fun!

Terra said...

I am cracking up at the DeMarco Murray story. That is absolutely hilarious!! Greyson is precious. If you are still in town Wednesday come visit me at the hospital. If Becki is still there, maybe I'll try to venture to her room to meet little Greyson. Sadie's room is adorable and she is even more adorable!! :)

alicia wheeler said...

Molly, Your kids are precious! The boys sure do love their baby sister don't they?! Miss seeing you each Monday morning!

Angela Collins said...

Okay, so I'm pretty sure those letters look familiar. :) I'm thinking little Miss Amelia has similar letters spelling her name in her room...am I right? How fun! I was just thinking yesterday that I need to get some of those letters and do our new baby's name on his/her wall! Thanks for sharing the new pics of the kids...and the nursery. It looks great!

The Love Family said...

Okay....so, my niece and nephews are ADORABLE!! Should I start calling Cooper, DeMarco? Would that thrill him? You know - anything to make them happy! And, first thing when you get here, you know we will all try to beg a smile from sweet Sadie!! Love her room, by the way!

Your children bless my heart! Can't wait to see you and Sadie!!!

Misty Jassey said...

Congratulations on being an aunt again to a very pretty boy! It never gets old does it?! The more the better!
And Sadie's room is beautiful! I need some ideas from you. We are doing homemade Christmas gifts this year and I need your craftiness and creativity!

Chassidy said...

Congratulations on being an aunt! I can't wait to see new pictures.

AND SADIE'S room....Oh my goodness...it's ADORABLE! You are so talented! Hope you don't mind but I'm going to steal your idea of the frames with birthmom photos...what a special way to honor her. Hope you're having a wonderful time in Tulsa!

Anonymous said...

Good morning! I have been keeping up but just slow to respond since our phone convo. LOVE the story about Mandy! Sadie's room is beautiful. Can't wait to come visit. Post pictures of Becki & Greyson soon! Love you, Robin

kristy said...

I love your blog and your posts! Your children are so beautiful, and your stories make me laugh, found your blog through 2blessed to be stressed blog. I feel like I know you!

Laura said...

Sister, just wanted you to know how much I loved all of the stories....especially DeMarco Murray!

I loved getting to see you and Sadie last night....I love cuddling her and kissing her sweet face!

Thanks for sharing with me!

Becki Francy said...

I think I have told the DeMarco Murray story 100 times. That is soooo stinking funny and very much Cooper. The Guacemole - just made it funnier! Love the room - girls are TOOOOO much fun!