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Saturday, June 5, 2010


So much to post since Monday!
The boys went to Camp Noonie-Papa on Tuesday night, and we just picked them up today! They had an absolute blast. My parents simply have to be the coolest around. These kids didn't want to come home they had so much fun! I will post some pics, but since my mom took over 500 I will have to pick the best of our kids!
Last night Owen came down from bed and told my mom that he was sick and felt like he was going to throw up. She was so good and got the barf bowl and let him snuggle in bed with her. After talking a bit, she realized he was feeling fine. He then fessed up that he didn't feel too bad, but that he was going to be so sad when camp was over and that he might throw up when he had to leave!!! Oh my goodness!!! So cute!
Blake and I LOVED our time together with Sadie. She didn't seem to miss her brothers one bit, but enjoyed all of our attention!
Then on Thursday night (for over 24 hours) we got to celebrate our 8th anniversary (which is next week)! Thank you Gigi and Papa for watching sister for us!

And here are some of the camp pics. Thanks Noonie for taking them and sharing them with us so that we could know of all of the memories made! They are out of order, but they went to the zoo, aquarium, Incredible Pizza, horseback riding, went to a movie theater, and LOTS of time in the pool! They did crafts too! She even had homemade coloring books for each of the little ones!!!

See their coloring books, and the "Camp Noonie-Papa" donuts!!!

Horseback riding on a trail for an hour! I was so impressed!
My daddy makes the best malts! Can you tell the boys are loving this?
Owen rode "Honey" and he even learned how to stop a horse when it's taking off on it's own!!!Feeding turtles at the aquarium.

Mama was so happy to have her crew back!!! Sadie LOVES to swim just like her brothers!


Becki Francy said...

So glad to see you all again! And Geyson didn't miss Ragon either!!! what a hoot!

Eve said...

Super Cool! These pictures are awesome and it looked like so much fun! The malt looks delicious and the donuts are too cute. But not as cute as all those litte ones.

I love reading your blog!

Jana said...

Too fun! I just told my hubby I want to be grandparents like that one day!!

Melodie said...

happy anniversary. and what a fun week for the boys!

Kristy said...

Molly you are so cute love the pics of you with the kiddos! I told my friend who moved into your neighborhood to introduce herself to you she has seen you at the pool, hehe said just intorduce yourself, she is so sweet!

Sew said...

Can I go to camp noonie-papa? that looks awesome!!