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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Obsessed with our curls...

I love how close the kids are in age. They all love doing the same thing and being together. Even when they fight, they still hate being separated. And look at sweet Emery using a big girl cup!!!

Sadie playing airplane with her baby. This girl ALWAYS has a baby with her. We had just played airplane when I caught her doing this...I love how different girls and boys are!

We took this just before Gigi headed home on Wednesday. Oh how we miss you already Gigi!

This is Emery playing peek-a-boo or as Sadie calls it peek-a-bye.

Look who kicked us outta our bed! Bless her heart, she's had a rough week of sleeping. I am praying this means we are getting a tooth...she is near 9 months and not even a nub! Although, I do adore that gummy smile!

Since we've been in Aspen, I've used most of my free time to learn more about the kids curls, particularly the girls. I have a great routine for the boys and it works. But the girls hair is really a lot different. Not all curls can be maintained the same way!
Some of my adoption buddies recommended some of their favorite hair care blogs and I have LOVED checking them out. Blake and I finally watched Good Hair and holy cow....it is hilarious and at the same time it was heavy. I found myself sad that our girls might think their curls aren't beautiful and perfect. We bought the movie off of Amazon for $4 so let me know if you want to borrow it! It really is a must see! I loved the part where Maya Angelou shared that for black women their hair is their glory.

I have to admit that I was getting nervous about Sadie's hair. Her hair seemed to be getting longer in lots of places, but I could still see her scalp throughout. I didn't have a good detangling routine and didn't know what I was doing either (besides being gentle and keeping her moisturized). I didn't feel like I could/should manipulate it much because I didn't want her to loose any hair.

Then there is Emery with tons o' hair. Their hair is very similar, Emery's is softer, but I think it will become more course as she hits one year. But she can't sit for long (or at all) so I can't really use her as my model ;o)
Braids, cornrows, twists, coils and locs...it all terrified me simply because it is unknown territory. Don't get me wrong, I can't wait until we have enough hair and are old enough to do those. But seeing some of these styles on these blogs completely overwhelmes me when I can't do a single braid! I am so thankful for these other blogger mama's that have taught me so much and I have hope that in time I will be there. While I know that at some point I will be taking the girls to have their hair done professionally, I do think it's a great bonding for me to know how to do their hair and get to spend that sweet time with them. I also think this is a huge part of me understanding African American culture, so learning this is very exciting for me.

Just in the last 6 weeks I can see big changes in Sadie's and Emery's hair. That alone has really helped boost my confidence. So I saw this on Happy Girl Hair and wanted to try it on Sadie. Well, her hair isn't long enough in the back....so I gave it a shot on Emery.

It's really just two puffs. The first puff makes puff bangs and the back one is just a huge puff held by tights tied in a knot. The tights are another idea I stole from Happy Girl Hair, and it's perfect because it doesn't pull on the hair and stress it. How cute is that pic of Sadie with her arm around Emme? She is such a sweet big sister!

I know some of you might have other blogs to share about naturally curly hair. Please comment if you want to share as I'd like to add them to my blog list.


norma murphy said...

I love the girls hair!! Great, Molly...!!!! You are such a good momma... Be sure to bring the movie here so we can watch it together!! Are you planning to stay here all week??? 19 sleepies???

Foma said...

That is a lovely simple style!

RobandKathy Gandy said...

Well, I always love your pics, but these may be my favorites yet! Could the kids BE any cuter? LOVE the girls' hairstyle! I trust that this style will be one of your regular ones! Keep up the good work, little mama! In Christ, Kathy

leftcornerofmybrain said...

I LOVE the Happy Girl Hair site! Thanks so much for sharing the terrifying!!

You mentioned, "I am so thankful for these other blogger mama's that have taught me so much…"
What other sites are you reading other than Happy girl Hair? (If you don't mind sharing) I am trying to learn as much as I can!

We are in the process of adopting our little girl and I am finding hair care both fascinating and terrifying!

Thanks so much for sharing, I just love your blog! :)

leftcornerofmybrain said...

Oops! Something happened and somehow the word "link" got changed to 'terrifying' I meant to say, "Thanks for sharing the Happy Girl Hair link" lol

Kierstin said...

Check out http://bellescurls.blogspot.com/
I like to follow that too--
Just got my Tangle Teezer in the mail thanks to you for letting me know about it! Oh-- a book I like is called Curly like me by Teri LaFlesh
I love your blog!

M's mama said...

i love love love the style-- great work, mommy!!!!

Anonymous said...


The tangle teaser is working well. I took it next door so that my mom could use it. She loves it too. Both Sally's in Edmond have been out of teasers for weeks. I guess I'm going to have to order one.