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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Quiet Play?

Got any ideas for ways to help toddlers get energy out in a small apartment? My precious mom packed us a goody bag for the car ride, and I totally forgot she included Valentine's balloons until I cleaned out the car on Sunday. Thanks mama! Balloon volleyball is super fun and pretty quiet! We've been working on reading with Owen. My mother-in-law gave us some great books to help and it's really building Owen's confidence. My heart cannot contain how proud I am of this guy!Sadie heard us and watched us practice, so she grabbed a book and started, "Sat, sat. Sat sat sat." Too cute! They only have a couple of pages, and each sound builds on the other word sounds. Each book (set of 12ish) gets a bit more difficult.
I love downloading pictures and finding random ones that I didn't take. So this must have been Owen as we were getting ready for bed brushing teeth. I love how Cooper is cheesing it up for Owen.
Oh my goodness. This is Owen kissing the picture of Cailey. Cailey gave us a homemade frame and adorable pic of the two of them the day before we headed out. It's on our fridge with a picture of Owen's friends from school. I caught him kissing this picture and made him do it again so I could get a pic. Lordy lordy...
Could this be any cuter? Well maybe if Sadie was looking, but still!

We visited the dog park yesterday and the kids had a blast as always. This is one of their favorite places to play in town. I love how Cooper can't keep his cap down over his ears. He doesn't seem to mind one bit.

Sadie loves to eat snow...below she is offering me some. Feeding each other.

We couldn't stay too long as Emery's cheeks were getting SO cold! Its amazing though how much it helps just to get out for 45 minutes and get fresh air, run around, see other faces and not worry about being noisy!

Taking a break. Hope you are enjoying the snow as much as we are! At least we can still drive around in it. Sorry for all of you that are stuck!!! Praying you all are safe.


Lesley said...

Cailey is obsessed with looking at all these pictures! She was speechless- which does not happen too often- but had a HUGE smile on her face when she saw the picture of owen kissing her picture. She keeps saying when can i see him again? :(

Cindy said...

HAHA! I love the pic of Sadie offering you some snow, sweet girl. How nice of her to share!

Ursula said...

So cute!

I'm going to brainstorm game ideas.

What about playing music and dancing?

Melodie said...

what about red light/green light or simon says. :) i know that's not very creative. but probably a good game for the ages of owen and cooper. i remember playing that at church on wednesday nights because it was a "quieter" games. sadie might catch on quickly too. i don't know. tough call.

Charissa said...

Oooooh, your kids are so scrumptious!

Courtney said...

I spy is always fun for the kids. But if you are up for spending a little money for TTHE WORLDS BEST thing to get out energy and it wouldn't take up too much space, is a mini tramp. We got one and the legs come off so it is completely flat. The kids can't get enough of it. We have a big tramp outside but we took it down and packed it up before we even knew were were moving. We got the mini for Christmas and it's seriously awesome. THey jump on it constantly (fight over it)! Even Charleigh will get up there and "try to jump" its precious. I can't say enough about it...ours we got online but you might check even in the stores, but you'll probably want one that the legs come off (our screw on/off) so you can store it out of the way in such a small space. but it should be rather a quiet activity (maybe?)

we do lots of crafts...galore!

puzzles...especially the floor puzzles they seem to really like (we have 2 of them).

you could do some sort of mini cubbies with memorizing verses and getting stickers or something (you might already do this in some other manner)

blanket forts? :)

we love dance time...but might be loud if you aren't on the ground floor...my kids go nuts with it! :)

playdoh? legos?

if you want to make playdoh i can get you the recipe...it's pretty easy and makes a good amount...much cheaper!

:) love you molly and think the world of you and your sweet family.

do they like to "paint the snow" with food coloring and water in spray bottles...that's cheap and easy fun!