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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

You're Invited!

I am so pumped about this!

And the good news is...you're invited too!

I had to get the word out!

Our agency is putting on a trans-racial parenting workshop!

Here's the scoop!

It is for couples who have adopted trans-racially!

It's on Feb. 28th from 10-12
It will be held @ DPAS- go here for their info!

The cost is only $5 per couple.

Children under 6 months are welcome (yea Sadie bug!)

Please RSVP if you plan on joining us for an exciting time!

I hear we are going to talk about hair! Sweet!
They are also going to have a list put together of families that might want to meet regularly for outings or playgroups!

I am so excited! Have you heard about our incredible agency!?!?!?


Several of you asked about where my sweet Angela got this charm!
I do believe she said in Canton, that's something you Texan's will understand!
Here's the info on the back!
Christian Charm & Co.


Al's World said...

Where is it going to be, i have a friend in Norman who adopted a boy from Haiti!

Melodie said...

we noticed the info on the deaconess site today. actually jeremy noticed and we are planning on coming! yay! i think i might do a post also! and WOW - a playgroup!

Holly & Ben said...

How wonderful!!! We need to find a trans-racial adoption group in our area since sweet Baby P will be hispanic... do you know of any good groups in DFW?

Becki Francy said...

How great...you are so good. Will you learn to braid.....can you teach your sissies???

BTW I have to call Diedre...I spent the vast majority of the morning discussing Deaconess with the parents attorneys at the beaureau...THEY ARE IN! Now we just have to sell it to the judges!!!!! WOOOHOOO....

Chassidy said...

YAY!!! This will be so much fun! I was just thinking yesterday how fun it would be for us to have a play group for adopted kids....I'm in for sure!!

Also, I was visiting with Katherine a few weeks back and told her I'd love to get more involved and she had mentioned the birthmothers retreat and what an amazing job you did last year. I'd LOVE to help you with whatever this year.