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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hair post

So we've finally gotten into a routine of doing hair Saturday at some point so that it's fixed for church on Sunday. The girls hair does not last a week, but we are getting closer to 4 days. That's a huge help not to have to do hair everyday, rather just moisturize it in the mornings and add some clips or barrettes.

Emery's hair is just gorgeous with nice curl pattern up top. She has tons of hair. At the nape of her neck it's more brittle and there is hardly ever a noticeable curl. I've been working with different products and trying to be more diligent about coconut oil and deep conditioner and her sleep cap (she hates the thing). I am praying that over the years as she gets older and naps less, the hair will be healthier. Our biggest hang-ups with her hair right now are: she's young and can't sit long and the short spots in her hair where Sadie gave her a trim months ago.

That's right. I don't think I ever blogged about it, but Sadie took kid scissors to her sisters head late May as I was cleaning our house for a showing. I was devastated. For lots of reasons. Blake finally convinced me that I was being prideful and he was right. I spend lots of time learning and practicing and taking care of the kids hair. So I take lots of pride in how it looks. And I want them to be proud of their hair too. This cut me deep. I felt like I hadn't protected Emme from this occurring. Blake reminded me that Emery would not remember this, nor be scarred by it.

So, all of this to say, it's caused some issues with sectioning her hair and putting it in protective styles. Anything but an Afro and you can see where there are chunks of short hair. At least Emme can rock an Afro, but this doesn't help the need to protect her hair and keep it growing well.

Sadie's hair is growing, slowly but surely. I feel like it's filling in better than it's gaining length. But that may just be because her curl pattern is so tight. She has gorgeous defined curls throughout. I am struggling to detangle using a 4 step process (finger detangle, wide tooth comb, fine tooth comb, then Tangle Teezer). I have to be honest; I mostly go straight to the TT. The girl just can't sit through 4 steps in the bath...she likes to swim in the bath and that doesn't work well when I am detangling! Am I the only one who goes straight to the TT brush?

I have sure enjoyed the flat twists, mostly because they don't take a ton of time to do 4 or 5 rows of them and I can't practice cornrows or braids on Sadie's head yet. The hair on her hairline is just still to short and thin. If I could start a row in the middle of her head it would look fantastic! HA! Here she is sporting a flat double rope twist along her hairline. I think it's adorable!

My sweet husband asked a nurse that he works with about a hairdresser she would recommend. Ah, I love that man. I love that he got all kinds of advice from her while they were chatting it up in the OR. I can't wait to take them in and start learning some new things.


Tom and Ashley said...

Soo adorable! I so know what you mean about going straight to the tangle teaser...although we generally use a denman brush. We just do finger detanglng, and then the denman brush, my girls don't mind the brush, but hate a wide tooth comb. My opinion would be to skip the fine tooth comb, idk, i started out doing the same thing,but my thoughts now are that i think it causes a lot of tension to get their thick hair through the small teeth on the comb therefore causing more stress and breakage. But our kids might be different. I LOVE Sadie's flat twist! I can cornrow, but haven't gotten the hang of flat twists LOL

Melodie said...

i love the new styles! you're doing great Molly! now, i haven't done a ton of research yet since we only have boys so far. but i will say NO, you're not the only one that goes to the tangle teazer first. when Holden had hair (it's currently shaved), we would wet it down, brush through with the tangle teazer and get all of the tangles out. then apply moisturizer and then pic through for a nice afro look. i just thought that was the purpose of the tangle teazer . . .to get the tangles out. so it was always our first step. but i do know it's completely different with little girls when you can't just shave it all of. one day i will get to learn it all!

Katie said...

Haven't commented before but I have a 3 year old boy from Congo. His is about the length as Sadie's and about as tight. I start with the tangle teaser and then go back through with a comb. I put my son in front of a movie on the couch while I do the comb out. I use Miss Jessie's Rapid Recovery liberally, let it sit with a shower cap on for 15 min or so, then comb it out. I am getting lots faster as time goes on.

mckenziegordon said...

What a great Momma you are! Reading your hair blogs is a HUGE education to me. You are just such a precious Momma. As I was reading this I was struck by the effort you've gone to in order to make sure your girls are beautiful, as they are! Good job!

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mom2many said...

Tangle Teaser first...what product are you using to detangle?? I LOVE the afro, but it's very hard to maintain. I am no good at the braiding or twisting, though. You are getting SO good at it! Of course, I'm not very good at white people hair either!

Molly said...

Hey mamas. Thanks for the feedback. Not sure you will check the comments or not. I should have not said fine tooth comb, I meant that I use the opposite end of my wide tooth comb, it's a normal size comb though. HGH says she uses that process, and maybe I will need to when the girls have longer hair, but we can't do that many steps and I go straight to the TT most times. I typically don't use a detangler, just wet it and condition it and let it soak well. Then I have at it. The girls never complain about it hurting or pulling. I don't detangle everyday, about once a week.

Amanda said...

Love your blog! My first time stopping by and so glad I found it.

As far as detangling goes if I have a good leave-in conditioner on her hair I go right to the tangle teezer too. I don't think all the steps are always necessary. For big tangles using a wide tooth might be the option for that day but not always the routine. What works for some doesn't always work for others.

I know how you feel. I find myself trying to be a perfectionist when it comes to hair. Worrying appearance and what others think, when that's not my priority or the right thing.