"So promise me you'll never forget...that you aren't an accident or an incident...you are a gift to the world, a divine work of art, signed by God. You were deliberately planned, specifically gifted, and lovingly positioned on this earth...Flooded by emotion, overcome by pride, the Starmaker turns to us, one by one, and says, 'You are my child. I love you dearly.'" Max Lucado, God Thinks You're Wonderful

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The things kids say...

We love to cuddle and watch cartoons in the morning. This was Cooper yesterday when we got up. He wakes up ready to go! Where as Owen likes to just take it easy and not really be bothered by anyone. I love to see how their little personalities are different, but sometimes they are so much alike.

We struggle to diaper Cooper. Owen was the same way. Lately, Cooper's response when we tell him we need to put on a new diaper is, "I be naked boy!" So this is where I found him, naked as could be. I just had to take a picture. He explained, "I unna watch the movie." I love little bare bottoms!

Well, this sweet guy can say some of the funniest things. Last night he called Blake into his room (which he shares with his brother). He said to Blake, "Dad can you do me a favorites?" Blake chuckled and replied, "Sure buddy, what's up?" I guess it was upsetting him that his brother was still awake and he said, "Could you put Cooper in the pack 'n play?" I love it! A "favorites"!

The other day when I was getting dressed Owen asked me if I was going to wear my boobies today. I tried to hide my laughter. It's just hilarious how he's so interested in body parts. Later that same day, he followed me to the restroom. While I was sitting there, trying to remember that privacy is just something you sometimes lose as a mom...Owen came in and asked me if I had a penis. When I replied, "No buddy I don't. Remember girls don't have a penis." He looked at me again and said, "Did you lost it mom?" I was just glad we were at home and not in public!


Anonymous said...

Now that has to be the funnies thing I have ever heard about the private part conversation!!

I LOVE THE BLOG!!! YAHOO and welcome to the blogging world. It's a blast!

Laura said...

Yeah!! I will come check your blog often! I'm not the greatest about keeping mine updated...but I try!

We love you all and are so glad that we can hear even more stories about our cousins!
Love you sissy!

Anonymous said...

Molly - Crack up....yes as a mom there is no such thing as privacy....I cracking up he thought you "lost" your penis....that is an interesting solution as to why you don't have one though! Love you all - Aunt Becki

Shannon said...

Molly that boobies/penis story is hilarious! Good time to start a blog with stories like that!
Looking forward to hearing more funny stories from the Shockleys! I have to get my blog up and running now!! Happy 4th!

Terra said...

Yeah for you blogging!! I am so excited to keep up with your precious family! Your first entry is hilarious!!