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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Orphans Deserve Better

Blake and I had a date night last week and actually had a nice long dinner and then enjoyed a movie. Before the previews came on I remembered reading about Orphan on another blog and I shared with Blake what I had read. Sure enough, we sat and watched the preview ourselves. I wanted to scream and throw up at the same time. This movie seems to easily stereotype orphans as something that most people already feared they were. There is so much negativity in the media about adoption, both international and domestic, already...to have this thrown in the mix was just more than my heart can handle.

The premise of the movie is a 9 year old girl is adopted into a family and then starts terrorizing not only her family but everyone she comes into contact with. It's a horror movie to say the least.

It's devastating to see that there are so many children without someone to give them love, and here we are in America making movies to scare anyone away from reaching out to them. Please, I beg you do not see this movie. If you will, you can easily sign this petition asking Warner Bros. to give some of their profits to help Orphans around the world.


Robin said...

Molly - I couldn't agree with you more. We also saw that preview and it made us SICK. That is not a normal situation at all and I agree that it can/will scare people from foster or adoption. I also am SICK of people putting little kids in scary movies and or inappropriate movies. A child under the age of 17 can't see these movies, but they put BABIES in them!

The entire movie needs to be pulled, in my humble opinion.

Melodie said...

i signed it last week. i thought you were going to say y'all went to see this movie on your date night. and i was going to say "shame on you!" just kidding, you can see whatever movie you want. :) but i couldn't agree more with all of the above.

A Growing Family said...

I thought the exact same thing when I saw the preview. I signed the petition- thanks Molly!

Al's World said...

I signed your petition, thank you for putting it out there, for I didn't know it existed. I completely agree with you said, completely, thank you for opening my eyes to adoption, to being sensitive to it and for making me realize that there is more to this than some stupid movie with an even stupider plot!

heartafterhis said...
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heartafterhis said...

Wow, Molly. I had no idea that such a movie existed. This is an amazing outcry from the media against what God is stirring up in His church right now: the desire to minister to these children and take them in to a forever family. The Enemy is at work, but we as His children must stand firm in our love and devotion both to Him and to those who are desperate to know Him.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Molly! For opening our eyes to things that are sometimes so far from our own world... Thank Molly!!

South Carolina

Terra said...

I totally agree! I could barely keep my eyes open during the previews. I hate scary movies anyway, but this one just broke my heart knowing the perception it was giving. I signed the petition.
Love ya!