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Friday, July 24, 2009

Post of Pictures

I saw something like this at The Market and it was $40. I thought I could do it and love how they turned out!

My little guy, that's becoming not so little, has been requesting a buzz. Blake and I have fought it hating to cut those precious curls, but we thought, "hey, it's only hair!" Here is the progression.
Before the product when he first gets up in the morning! After the first cut. I wanted to make sure he didn't just want a trim. Nope he says..."like Max's!" His best buddy! A mohawk just for fun! Blake hated it but I thought it looked cool! Just like his daddy, Owen thought it was quite silly looking.
Oh my goodness! He looks so big! He loves it though!
My hottie hubby took his girls out for dinner last week when the boys were at camp. We so enjoyed our time alone with Sadie!
I have to say, it's been so much fun watching Blake with our daughter. It's amazing how different he is with her and it's so cool to watch their bond. I mean, pretty much all of our kids think their daddy hung the moon...but there's something different about Sadie and her daddy.

She's all dressed up for our date!

Cooper is quite the golfer. He LOVES it. He has blisters on his hands from playing so much. If you have noticed a pattern by now...he becomes obsessed with a sport and practices it non-stop until the next season rolls around. Cooper calls himself Tiger Woods right now. It's pretty darn cute! And, I think golfing in a diaper should be a new trend...no need for potties at the 9th hole!I think she likes the swing! What do you think?

Owen wanted to take this one before church a couple of weeks ago. I thought that was cute that he wanted us to have a new family picture!
Same day before church. I just put Aquafor on Sadie's cheeks-so she's a bit shiny! OOPS!

My mom with Sadie and Luke. Isn't she gorgeous, doesn't look a day over 30 to me?!?!


Melodie said...

loved the update! can't wait to see you all tomorrow. i can't believe owen's hair! cute new look. i'm surprised that cooper didn't want to follow suit. oh! and i love the frames. what a little crafter you are!

Kristy said...

I love the new hair or lack of, we got Aarons cut yesterday the older ones wanted him to get a fade so he did, the hair dressor was so sweet. I need to post some pics. Your family is adorable!

bsjones7 said...

He looks SO big with that hair cut! Your kiddos are so cute! Cant wait to see you guys tomorrow!!

Dawn Massey said...

you have such a beautiful family! i love reading your blog and seeing your sweet pictures. we just gave my youngest son close to a buzz cut too. i so wish i did a before and after ~ but did not!

enjoy your babies!!!

mom2many said...

I love Owen's hair! But, you are right...he looks BIG now! We always kept Jacob's hair buzzed, but he didn't have the pretty curls Owen and Cooper do...hoping for pretty curls on Emma!! Love all your pics! Wow...I really have become a stalker!

Krista said...

Your family is just the cutest ever!! A friend of mine just told me about Aquaphor and says it's good for everything skin related on kiddos. I will know soon enough!

And you did great on TV! Your kids looked cute and you didn't look at all like you had been at the pool all day long!

BTW - the kick count thing is enough to drive me crazy, too. Luckily, she has been moving more regularly lately. I think she just got herself in a pickle that day and couldn't really move around much. :) Love you!

Chassidy said...

I love the frames...seriously...in your spare time (ha ha) you should start making some to sell!

I love all the pictures....put a big smile on my face!

Jamila said...

I wish he would have rocked the mohawk for a while. Owen looks like he's ready for 1st grade or something.

Giles Family said...

Owen's cut looks great and you're right, he does look much older :) cooper is so adorable and energetic! And Sadie's personality is really showing through in your pics - she's turning into a very smiley girl :) Sweet sweet sweet!